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My name is Mark Snape; I am a 42 year old, who resides in Staffordshire England. I am a perfectionist with a caring and loving nature, and for most of the time I have a warm and friendly smile, and have a history in Retail Management. I gain a lot of strength by helping others who have similar challenges as myself, in mental heath including addiction, in many cases based upon experiences. I am a collector of celebrity memorabilia and a devoted computer enthusiast. I like going for long walks, visiting places of interest history I have a book out called Why Me? My personal story of Hope!

The objective of Mark Snapes Reaching-Out and this site is to help advise and support those who suffer from Alcohol-drug addiction, and in addition touch upon mental health issues, such as depression and ocd. It is my intention to pass a long a message of hope to further sufferers, who are faced with similar challenges as myself. I am well today, i am a lot stronger more willing and determined to move on with My life, put all the bad stuff behind me, and i am sure you do to, and you can, trust me if i can do it so can you simply believe in yourself!

It is a slow process it takes time and patience, you need self-will stay focused upon your sobriety, sort out what you want out of life, you know you only get out of life what your willing to put in. Build on change show others that you can do this? Accept what has happened forget the guilt thing what matters now is you can start your life over the rewards are far greater than a temporary buzz of alcohol. There is such a thing called happiness one day at a time!


Why Me? My personal story of Hope!

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