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RDK Mobility
RDK Mobility is a family business launched over three decades ago that specializes in disability aids like mobility scooter, lightweight wheelchair, stairlifts, bathing aids, powerchairs, disability walking aid and much more. Whether it is for easier and more convenient living or leisure, RDK is committed and honest in providing affordable mobility to its customers. The company features an extensive selection of discount mobility products to suit your mobility needs!
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West Kent
West Kent NHS is an informative directory to make it easier and convenient for people to find GP, pharmacies, dentists, opticians or walk in centers close to your home. Also, if you want to access health information and advice contact the West Kent switchboard directly on the number LISTed on the website. The site offers plenty of health advice, living well, being healthy and happy. From smoking addiction to sexual health, West Kent NHS is your #1 health stop directory!
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Welfare Rights
Welfare Rights features information and statistics for people in the United Kingdom. An independent charity you can find answers to your problems in relation to welfare benefits and rights. Some of the subjects covered on this website include, attendance allowance, child benefits, disability living allowance, income support, housing benefits, maternity allowance and social fund just to LIST a few. Also, you can check out the benefits chart to see what type of benefits you and your family are eligible to. There is also messageboard on Welfare Rights which allows users to engage in discussion and share their opinions and advice on welfare benefits to society.
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Disability Services Agencies
The Disability Services Agencies in Virginia features services offered by affiliated agencies through resources and links for citizens in the state. Some of the programs LISTed on the website include, low interest loan programs, Virginia industries for the blind, deaf and hard of hearing department of Virginia, rehabilitative services and protection and advocacy. The core aim of this site is to make accessing disability programs and welfare easier and more convenient for folks residing in the state that require this type of service either for themselves or their loved ones!
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Survivor Corps
Survivor Corps was established 14 years ago with the core aim of of bringing positive change to a hurting people. The organization has improved lives of thousands of people across the globe, have helped change laws in countries and improved the lives of individuals that have survived war and destruction. Survivor Corps has since transferred their programs, knowledge and resources to partners they have established in the local and national level. This is a decentralized approach that the organization has taken in order to ensure local partners take the responsibility of carrying forward the magnificent work originally done by Survivor Corps!
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Special Needs Kids
The Special Needs Kids website was originally created by Karen Stowe after she struggled to find information about special needs products and services for her daughter Sophie, who was born with complex special needs and learning disabilities. The site has developed since being launched in 2002 and is now a comprehensive information and shopping website for parents and carers of special needs children. The aim of the website is to provide information about products and services that are available to families and carers of disabled children. The website contains a library of information which has been gathered from suppliers, the internet, catalogues, families, trade fairs and personal experiences.
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Tribunals Service Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal including, about us parents tribunal process, disability claims forms and guidance and members.
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SeeAbility is a speciaLIST registered charity supporting people who have multiple disabilities, including visual impairment, learning and physical disabilities, mental health difficulties, acquired brain injury and life limiting conditions. With specialisms acquired over 200 years, the organization is one of the leading experts in this field. Furthermore, the organization currently provides services in Devon, East Sussex, Hampshire, Somerset and Surrey.
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Route Three Benefits is a full service insurance and financial services company. The company offers custom needs-analysis to determine and tailor your companys benefits to get the results that you desire. Furthermore, Route Three Benefits also helps individuals plan for the unexpected with estate planning and personal insurance consulting and provision. The website provides the products that the company provides which are annuities, asset protection, critical insurance, disability insurance and life insurance.
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Ricability is the trading name of the Research Institute for Consumer Affairs (RICA). The institute is a national research charity dedicated to providing independent information of value to disabled and older consumers. As the Research Institute for Consumer Affairs the institute also works with manufacturers, service providers, regulators and policy makers to improve products and services. The main aim of the institute is to increase their awareness of the needs of disabled and older consumers through speciaLIST research.
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Remploys mission is to transform the lives of disabled people and those who experience complex barriers to work by providing sustainable employment opportunities. Remploy believes that work is a key element of an independent and fulfilling life, and that everyone has skills and abilities to offer. The organization works extensively with people to help them to identify, develop and make the most of those abilities. Remploys Enterprise Businesses offers a diverse range of products and services to private and public sector customers throughout the UK.
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Paralyzed Veterans Of America
For more than 65 years, Paralyzed Veterans of America has been on a mission to change lives and build brighter futures for seriously injured heroes. The organizations focuses to empower these brave men and women with what they need to achieve the things they fought for. Furthermore, PVA provides support on veterans benefits, medical services, legal services and caregivers support. Paralyzed Veterans national officers and the organizations 34 chapters represents thousands of veterans in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
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PromoCon provides a national service, working as part of Disabled Living, Manchester to improve the life for all people with bladder or bowel problems by offering product information, advice and practical solutions to both professionals and the general public. PromoCon employs a multidisciplinary team of people who work with other services and organisations to develop improvements for people who have continence difficulties. PromoCon offers impartial advice and information about how to manage problems more effectively and the website offers solutions to help manage problems more effectively.
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The Percy Hedley Foundation
The Percy Hedley Foundation is a registered charity that provides services for disabled people and their families. With a turnover of more than 16m, the Percy Hedley Foundation is one of the largest regional charities supporting disabled people. The Foundation meets the needs of disabled people with cerebral palsy, communication impairments, sensory impairments and complex learning, social care and therapeutic needs. The organization offers a wide range of children's services and adult services.
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NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency-Prosthetic homepage including, news research present war pensions our services, contract currencies PSSC and useful links.
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Parkinson`S Uk
The organization is a Parkinson's support and research charity. For more than 40 years the charity has been working to find a cure and improve life for everyone affected by Parkinson's. Parkinsons UK offers education and training and develop resources for health and social care professionals to help improve services for people affected by Parkinson's. Furthermore, it is the largest charity funder of Parkinson's research in the UK.
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Housing Options Scotland
Housing Options Scotland provides a unique public access service to all disabled people throughout Scotland. The organizations main aim is to ensure that disabled people have access to suitable housing in the tenure of their choice. Furthermore, the team continues to pioneer new approaches to funding and facilitating the home buying process. The organization has now diversified their activities to take into account the new economic climate and can advice on social and private renting, as well as home ownership.
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The Outsiders Club was formed in 1979 in London and very quickly attracted members from all over the country and abroad. The club has always been run by volunteers who are also members, apart from when money is granted to pay for projects. The main aim of the club is to make sure that, whatever their impairment, all disabled people can enjoy sexual expression if they wish. Outsiders is a safe community of people across the UK with a few members abroad.
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Office Of The First Minister And Deputy First Mini
The overall aim of the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) is to contribute to and oversee the co-ordination of Executive policies and programs to deliver a peaceful, fair, equal and prosperous society. The First Minister and deputy First Minister, supported by the Junior Ministers, have overall political responsibility and accountablility for all the Department's activities. They set the strategic policy and resources framework for the department.
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The Office For Disability Issues
The Office for Disability Issues (ODI) is part of the Department for Work and Pensions and works closely with the Minister for Disabled People, other government departments, disabled people and a wide range of external groups. The ODI leads the governments vision of enabling disabled people to realize their aspirations and fulfill their potential. ODI was set up in January 2005 to coordinate disability policy across government. Since then ODI has led the way across government, encouraging best practice, co-production and engagement with disabled people.
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The National Organization On Disability
The National Organization on Disability (NOD) is a private, non-profit organization that promotes the full participation of Americas 56 million people with disabilities in all aspects of life. NOD focuses on increasing employment opportunities for the 79 percent of working-age Americans with disabilities who are not employed. With programs on the ground, NOD is demonstrating new employment practices and models of service delivery, evaluating results, and sharing successful approaches for widespread replication.
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The Multiple Sclerosis Society
The Multiple Sclerosis Society is the United Kingdom's leading MS charity. Since 1953, the society has been providing information and support, funding research and fighting for change. Furthermore the society gives grants, campaign for change, provides information and support, invest in MS speciaLISTs and lends a LISTening ear to those who need it. Around the UK, the society's branches in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales provides support and information.
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The Move Partnership
The MOVE Partnership is a small, UK based charity working with Local Authorities, schools and organizations to improve the well being of children and adults who have physical disabilities and or complex needs. It is the charitys aim to provide the MOVE Program to all those who may benefit. To achieve this the organization have the determined support of our large network of trained volunteers, the expertise of our Board of Trustees and Professional Advisory Council, their dedicated staff and the continuous support of the charity funders.
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Mindroom is a Scottish charity with a vision - to ensure that by 2020, every child and adult with learning difficulties in the country will receive the recognition and help they need. The organization provides one-to-one support for families affected, offers help and advice for individuals and organisations who work with people with learning difficulties, and strive to increase knowledge and understanding among policymakers. The organization operated locally, nationally and internationally as well.
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Manchester Disabled PeopleS Access Group
Manchester Disabled People's Access Group is an organization of disabled people, living, working, studying, shopping in Manchester and using Manchester City Center and its services. This organization provides a range of access services and promote the rights of disabled people. The organization works with disabled people, businesses, architects and designers, the public sector and the voluntary and community sector in Greater Manchester and elsewhere.
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MacIntyre Charity
The MacIntyre Charity was founded by Kenneth Newton Wright in 1966, a parent with a child with learning disabilities. Since then MacIntyre has grown into a leading national charity that has grown to be respected througout the country. The charity provides care and support to children and adults with learning disabilities through 120 MacIntyre services in the United Kingdom. The charity provides a wide array of services including supported living schemes, registered care homes, residential special schools, accredited training schemes and further education college.
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Kids Org
Kids which is the disabled children's works charity works with young children, disabled children and their families. A national charity in England, the core aim of Kids is to help disabled children and young people become part of the community and achieve their dreams. John Mulcahy founded the charity in 1970 when he became concerned about the welfare of young children with disabilities. John aims at working with parents and carers of disabled children and help find their hopes and aspirations in order to develop their skills and potential.
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Jewish Family & Childrens Services
The Jewish Family & Children's Services in Southern Arizona has been providing Arizonans with a wide range of care and services like behavioral health services from the age of 3 until 103. For individuals and families dealing with crisis, supporting children and teens and older adults through various transitions in life, JFCS provides a lifeline. Other services provided by JFCS include counseling young children with traumatic experiences and helping older adults enjoy the highest quality of life and affordable and durable home medical equipment. JFCS aims at enriching life and offers inspiration to all!
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Institute Of Medicine
The Institute of Medicine of the national academics aims to make a difference on improving health. The organization provides assistance to those that make decisions related to health worldwide. Through actions carried out by governments and leaders, IOM provides information to those making decisions on how to change policy and regulation that will have a larger impact on the health of millions of Americans and those residing around the world. IOM was established in 1970 and has since helped shape health policies to improve the health of millions of people across the globe!
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Instant Anatomy
Instant Anatomy features in-depth information and aids you in learning and understanding the human anatomy. The site was established in 1999 and aims to provide all access to the human anatomy through graphics and brief descriptions. Some of the elements covered on this site include head & neck, thorax, arm, leg and abdomen. Instant Anatomy provides detailed descriptions to users looking to grasp a more intimate and clearer picture on how the human anatomy works.
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The Institute for Neuro Physiological Psychology was founded in 1975 to perform research into why the central nervous system has effects of immaturity when it comes to emotional functioning, behavior and learning outcomes. Ever since INPP first began its research, the organization has now non-evasive, drug free intervention for children and adults afflicted with signs of neuromotor immaturity ensuring reliability and authenticity of these methods. If you or someone you know think they have NDD, simply fill out the questionnaire online in order to identify potential of NDD in an individual.
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Access to Disability Data an Info use project funded by the national institute on disabled rehab including research women and disability work disability resources accessability- organization
This site is LISTed here!
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International Disability
International Disability and Development Consortium website aims to promote inclusiveness, which means every person and their right to humanity, eliminating poverty, acknowledging diversity and ensuring there is inclusiveness amongst individuals in society and that they can actively participate in the development process. Inclusive development is carried out regardless of age, state of health, gender, disability, ethinic origin and other similar traits. The organization also handles issues on livelihood, HIV & Aids, microfinance and social protection.
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NYSHA New York State Hamaspik Association-Mission Statement about NYSHA hamaspik services, hamaspik news gallery and general information.
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Psoriatic Arthritis
Psoriatic Arthritis features a wealth of information on this serious health condition. Firstly, the website provides an introduction to Psoriatic Arthritis, its distribution and radiographic appearance. Secondly, the site also provides information on other similar arthritic conditions like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid, Gout, Septic, Silastic and Sarcoidosis to name a few health conditions LISTed this website. This is an ideal site for individuals either afflicted with arthritis or if they know someone suffering from similar conditions.
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Essence Of Care
Essence of Care provides services for the developmental disabled. The site features extensive information on disaster preparedness for disabled persons. Being prepared for disaster is of ultimate importance to save lives. Essence of Care makes it their responsibility to recognize these emergencies and act in order to resolve them. The site gives ten point details on how you can prepare ahead for emergencies, in case you have a disabled person in your care. Also included are links to that can help you create a disaster plan which is suitable to your home.
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Gift Your Sight
Gift Your Sight lets people pledge and donate their eyes to those living in darkness. Make gifting your sight a wish. Click on the presentation featuring successful eye donation, procedure for eye pledging and pledge forms to donate your eyes to the blind. Imagine dealing without power for a couple of hours at night, now think of those living in darkness all their lives. Gift Your Sight helps make a difference, through this website you too can bring someone out of darkness and into the light!
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World Health Organization
Europe's World Health Organization features news and publications on how to improve one's health. The WHO worldwide was established 1948 to attain the best quality health for all people. The organization works with 194 member states to achieve awareness on health agendas, providing leadership, setting norms and standards on health research. WHO also helps improve housing, nutrition, working conditions and sanitation around the world. The core aim of WHO is to promote development and foster health security.
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Every Disabled Child Matters
Every Disabled Child Matters is a campaign to achieve justice for every disabled child. A consortium campaign that combines four leading organizations to work with dsabled children and families. The campaign was launched in 2006, with the aim to raise awareness of disabled children. Since it was first established, the campain has gained support amongst 34,000 individual members and 200 government members of parliment. The campaign wants to further continue its work by giving new rights and support services to kids and their families and a new level of priority.
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Disability Accessibility
Disability Accessibility offers easy and convenient access to a wide array of resources, information, products and services to those with disabilities, their families, carers, service providers and health professionals. The site is regularly updated with the latest news, products and services from footwear, special education art, disability classified and fun! Also LISTed include a wide range of articles covering all aspects of how to access information and resources to those living with disability.
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Disabled Sports USA
Disabled Sports USA was established in 1967 and functions as a non profit, national organization. It was founded by Vietnam war veterans to serve those that have been injured by war. The organization provides a sports rehabilitation program nationwide to those with permanent disability. Activites on offer at Disabled Sports USA include, water sports, water skiing, fitness, special sports events and summer competitions. Individuals looking to participate must be those that have visual impairments, head injury, celbral palsy, spinal cord injury, dwarfism and amputation.
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Equality Rights Commission
The Equality and Human Rights Commission's main goal is to promote human rights and monitor its progress across age, gender, sexual orientation, race, belief, religion, pregnancy, civil partnership, marriage and maternity. The equality advisory board offers free advice guidance and information on human rights and equality discrimination issues. Creating a just and fair Britain being the core aim of the Equality Commision allows the board to introduce equal choices when it comes to daily living like education and other discriminative laws.
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Disabled Persons Rail Card
Disabled Persons Rail Card is given to those that have registered as being disabled. The rail card will provide a range of disability related benefits, if you have registered as being deaf, using a hearing aid, visually impaired or having epilepsy. Renewing the rail card is easy and the online service is secure. The benefits of having a rail card include saving 13 on all rail fare costs in Britain for you and a companion. Additionally, users can sign up for the newsletter and receive the latest news and updates straight into their inbox!
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Disabled Living
Disabled Living, a charity that provides impartial information for those living with disabilities, whether children, adults or older people requiring the assistance of assistive technology and other basic services. The charity is situated in Worsley and aims to promote a wide array of services like independent living, improving the quality of life and making life more convenient and easier for disabled persons. The solutions that are offered by Disabled Living far supersede one's expectations to what may seem like tangled and unimaginable problems.
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Disabled Go
Disabled Go features a wealth of information for those with disabilities, whether it is colleges, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, libraries and leisure centers. The information LISTed on this site is authentic and reliable and has been collected by the Disabled Go team. You can also use this website to find a job, catch up on news, post advertisements, browse articles and engage n discussions on the forum. The website design has been done in close consultation with people with disabilities. Join the mailing LIST on Disabled Go and receive the latest news on events and other stories.
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Disability Films
Disability Films is featuring films for those with disabilities, resources and information. The films have a simple language and are easy to understand. Whether it is dwarfism, amnesia, mental disability, polio, stuttering disfigurement or general amputee, Disability Films features a little something for everyone. Check out the archives LISTed to understand more about how Disability Films can be recreational for individuals with disabilities and their families and carers.
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Disability Resource Center
The Disability Resource Center is a premier disability organization operating in in the West Midlands, Birmingham and Solihull. The core aim of the resource center is to support people with disabilities to become independent and take control of their lives, to seek out opportunities in order to achieve their full potential in society. The resource center was founded in 1992 and has since supported over 70,000 people with disabilities, their families and carers. The center is known to deliver high quality services to disabled people.
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Disability Sport Cymru
Welcome to Disability Sport Cymru-Doctors medical consultant medical speciaLIST including, cosmetic surgery dental care general home elderly care, meds and optical care.
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Disabilities Trust
The Disabilities Trust is a premier charity in the United Kingdom that supports people with complexities and disabilities. Established over three decades ago, the Disabilities Trust provides a wide array of services like day and residential care to those with autism, physical disability, learning disability and brain injury. Also, those with disability are provided with support and care when living in the community or at home. Care provided is tailor made to suit the needs of the individual, helping them become independent and achieve their full potential.
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Direct Enquiries
Direct Enquiries is the nationwide access register for those with disabilities. Check out the icons LISTed on this site in order to find what your are looking for, from hotels, healthcare, accessible toilets, motability, nature reserves, pubs and restaurants just to name a few. Register as a member on Direct Enquiries and begin accessing a wealth of information and resources absolutely free. Users can also seize this free marketing opportunity to add their business on Direct Enquiries today!
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Disability Information Directory
The Disability Information Directory is an independent online directory which provides easy and convenient access to people with disabilities looking to access information and resources on the internet. The directory is comprehensive and includes thousands of products and services suppliers and providers across the United Kingdom that cater to those with special needs and abilities. Users can search geographically for commercial LISTings which makes finding local, regional and national providers convenient, whether it is to buy a wheelchair, make an appointment with a hairdresser or take an exotic vacation to the Bahamas!
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Disability Information
Disability Information for Greater Glasgow aims to provide those living with long term disabilities information and resources in order to help them be independent. The directory allows easy accessibility to disabled people to make finding things like product, services and others more convenient and easier. The directory is funded by Greater Glasgow and features support facilities for individuals with disabilities, their families and carers. Whether you want to take a walk in the park, enjoy a shopping trip or join a vocational rehabilitation program, the information is right here at your fingertips!
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Disablement Association
The Disablement Association in Hillingdon strives to empower those with disabilities of all ages to achieve their dreams and reach their fullest potential through inspiration and motivation. The core aim of DASH is to promote independence amongst disabled people and help them achieve skills to become independent and confident as they walk through life each day. Also, the association helps them make the right choice when it comes to health, nutrition and fitness so that they can lead healthier and happier lives.
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Disability Action
Disability Action in Islington also known as DAII is an organization operated to support people with disabilities. The site provides a wealth of information and resources on how their support and services has been extended to a generation of disabled folks to help them become independent and gain better control of their lives. The organization allows easier access to services and opportunities whilst educating the public on discrimination and exclusion of those with disabilities from society.
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Services For Older People
The Family and Community Service for Aging and Disability is located in New South Wales, Australia that aims to provide integrated services to vulnerable people. Support services are provided mainly to older people, disabled people and their families and carers. The core aim of Family and Community Service is to help people feel valued, be independent and reach their fullest potential whilst integrating in society. The organization works hand in hand with stakeholders to deliver excellent services to its clientele. Some of the organizations that work with Family and Community Services include non-governmental organizations, local agencies, state bodies and commonwealth government agencies.
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Center For Research
The Center for Research on Families and Relationships was established in 2001 and is a consortium research center located throughout the United Kingdom in places like University of Aberdeen, University of Edinburgh and University of Stirling just to LIST a few. The core aim of this center is to produce research that is high quality, inclusive and collaborative regarding key factors in family and relationship issues. The research is then made accessible to practitioners, policy makers and those with interest in conducting further research on family and relationships.
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Child Disability Help
Child Disability Help provides vital support throughout the United Kingdom to families kids with disabilities up to the age of 18. The core aim of this organization is to make changes to create a better environment and a society that full includes kids that are disabled. This contact is made in hope that families and carers responsible for children with disabilities know and realize that they are not alone. The organization was launched 15 years ago and has since made drastic changes to health, education, social and financial issues that families have to deal with on a daily basis.
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Center For Health Care Strategies
Center for Health Care Strategies aims to improve access to quality health care, The organization is non-profit resource center dedicated to health policy and works with state agencies, federal agencies, consumer groups and health plan providers to develop innovative programs for Americans that are low in cost and more affordable. This is especially useful to those with high end costs health care needs. The organization has been operating since 1995 and has developed better models of health care to assist those with chronic illnesses, disabilities and more.
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We provide Information on Fits Convulsions Seizures and Epilepsy. So what are these conditions what causes them, what are the symptoms how are they diagnosed, what are there treatments
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Care Choices
Care Choices is an online directory that provides information for the elderly on care services from the ages of 18 to 64. The care services include residential care to independent living alternatives. Whether it is long term care or short term care, Care Choices features a wealth of resources and information ideally suited to the elderly living with disabilities. You can perform a search on Care Choices by region or post code in case you live on a county border.
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Care Training
Care Training specializes in training of those engaged in teaching or caring for people with learning disabilities, autism and Asperger Syndrome.All the organizations trainers are seasoned professionals from teaching, social work, or nursing backgrounds. Trainers are selected both for their technical expertise, and for their ability to share their knowledge and experience in an inclusive, lively and entertaining way. Care Training organizes seminars around the country and are also happy to come to you with training programmes tailored to your individual needs.
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Contact A Family
Contact a Family is an organization who are committed to end the poverty, disadvantage and isolation experienced by families with disabled children across the UK. The organization supports families whatever their child's disability or health condition with a wide range of life-changing help and class-leading services. Contact a Family focuses on improving the lives of all families with disabled children.
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The Brain And Spine Foundation
The Brain and Spine Foundation is a registered charity which is funded almost entirely by voluntary donations. The foundation is committed to providing reliable information and support to people living with neurological conditions across the UK. There are now over three quarters of a million people visiting the Brain and Spine website each year, accessing information and downloading publications. The foundations Helpline nurses respond to 3,500 requests for information each year, by telephone, email and post.
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British Institute Of Learning Disabilities
British Institute of Learning Disabilities is an organization that their services helps develop the organizations who provide services, and the people who give support. BILDs Positive Behavior Supports expertise can help you to equip your staff with the training, skills and qualifications they need to provide good support for people whose behavior presents a challenge. The organization has the UK's widest range of positive behavior resources to support you in your work.
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United kindom UKDPC disabled peoples council about us our projects info campaigns, activate reports equality 2025 the uk advisory network on disabled equality.
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Bb Fund
BB Fund-Elderly people we've helped including, news and events about us applying for help, who we'ved helped children the disabled and elderly.
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Arthritis Care
Arthritis Care supports for all people with all forms of arthritis. The organization represents people with arthritis and involve them in developing and delivering the services. The organization provides clear and accurate information about arthritis. The helplines team offers practical, confidential support backed up by a wealth of useful publications. The organization tries to put people with arthritis in touch with each other through the extensive network of over 250 branches and groups. Furthermore the organization also have offices throughout the UK.
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The Amputation Surgery Education Center
The Amputation Surgery Education Center was created with the intent to provide a free, centralized, and comprehensive amputation surgery resource for surgeons around the world. The Center provides easy access for surgeons to locate information, review recent advancements, and re-familiarize themselves with the critical aspects of amputation surgery in order to improve patient outcomes. The ASEC seeks a solution by gathering and presenting this vital surgical information in a format that is available day and night, worldwide, and that is easily accessible.
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Alzheimer Scotland
Alzheimer Scotland helps people with dementia, their carers and families. The organizations members include carers, relatives, people with dementia, professionals, groups and other organizations. The organizations services provide personalised support designed around each individual and help such as day care and home support. Through the extensive network of Dementia Advisors and services the website provides valuable advice and information. Alzheimer Scotland also has a network of branches which work locally to raise awareness and to improve the position of people with dementia and their carers.
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The Alliance For Inclusive Education
The Alliance for Inclusive Education is a national network led by disabled people and supported by allies that include parents, educators and Head Teachers. The Alliance has campaigned successfully, over the last 15 years, to remove the legal conditions which have served to limit the rights of children with Special Educational Needs to secure a supported mainstream placement. The organization has also been very influential in bringing education into the remit of the Disability Discrimination Act, strengthening the right of disabled young people to protection from discrimination within the education system.
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National Information Center For Handicapped Childr
National Information Center for Handicapped Children and Youth is the center that provides information to the nation on disabilities in children and youth. The centers special focus is children and youth (birth to age 22). The website contains a Research Center where you can find out what research has to say about effective educational practices for children with disabilities.
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