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Recoveries Anonymous
Recoveries Anonymous is a 12 step fellowship focused on recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. Receive a copy of the free informative newsletter of RA, by simply typing out your email and location. First, download the guide on how to begin your recovery from destruction. Next, Print out the suggestions made on RA's introduction phase which will help individuals move on to the second stage of recovery. The entire website is filled with step by step solution for an ultimate recovery from addiction!
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Welsh Council On Alcohol
The Welsh Council on Alcohol was formed in 1968 as a registered charity. The church administers the Welsh Council as one of their trustees. The aim of the council is to provide a helping hand to those suffering the repercussions of alcohol addiction. The council is currently running a three year plan which revolves around responsible living and making the right choices!
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Alcohol & Drug Rehab
Alcohol and Drug Rehab is a facility in Kent, which offers clients a new lease on their life. Run by Glenn Garnham who comes with nearly two decades of experience under his belt is the ideal person to offer encouragement and hope to new patients. The atmosphere is friendly, warm and inviting. Above all, it is non-judgmental. The aim of the Alcohol and Drug Rehab facility is to minimize the devastation that addiction causes in individuals, and instead focus on high quality treatment and offer friendship through their struggles.
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Reclaim Your Life
Reclaim Your Life is a motivational book to help individuals destroy their addiction within days. Crush your old life and reclaim your new one in as little as seven days, along with amazing free bonuses that are bound to lift up your spirits. The free bonuses offered include a step by step simple 90 day plan to keep you motivated, valuable audio seminar, powerful inner mind diagram, essential food LISTs, fun things to do that don't involve alcohol and drugs and a special surprise to those who are insistent that they keep trying until they overcome this terrible condition!
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St. Jude Retreat
Stay sober forever with St. Jude Retreat, a residential program for individuals addicted to alcohol and drugs. Ensuring long term sobriety, providing permanent solutions for more than two decades and offering finance to those requiring it, St. Jude is a retreat you will never want to forget! You can call or email the facility and one of the family consultants will be on hand to help you. Launched in 1989, St. Jude Retreat has become a leading source for substance users in America.
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Recovery Support Meetings
Welcome to SMU - Recovery Support Meetings for alcohol and drug users. The meetings are held in Dallas, Texas and aim to support students dealing with addiction. The Recovery Support Meetings group offer a number of services, which include counseling and psychiatric services, after hours care, emergency services, academic and professional training and health education. Join one of the support groups in Texas and see how your life makes a dramatic turn for the better! Enrich your life by destroying the addiction, and hold onto sobriety forever!
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Truth About Drugs Book
Learn the Truth About Drugs and change your life by saying no to them! Receive a free booklet on on the truth about drugs. The site conducts a youth drug education and prevention campaign starting for children as young as 6, in order to educate them about the devastation and destruction drugs can cause. Additionally, users can read through the extensive collection of articles on drug facts, drug news and much more! Take action, be part of the community pledge and simply say No To Drugs!
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Alcohol And Drug Rehab
Sanctuary Lodge are here to help the individual with alcohol and drug abuse. Here's the addictions and conditions what we treat Alcohol addiction, Drug addiction, Cocaine, Prescription Drugs, Depression, Cannabis, Heroin,Eating Disorders,Gambling addiction,Co-dependency, Legal Highs, Sex and Love addiction,Trauma, Anxiety. If you or a loved one has an addiction in any of the LIST above, Sanctuary Lodge are here to help.
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Private Sanctuary
The Private Sanctuary is a luxury drug and rehab facility set in Australia, treating alcohol and drug addiction through therapeutic treatment. The facility ensures one to one treatment and confidentiality, where an expert team of practitioners will see to every need of the patient. The approach taken at the Sanctuary is hoLISTic, with multi-disciplinary therapy offered in a luxury setting. The aim of the facility is to ensure your body, whether it is the mind, heart and soul are completely healed in privacy and comfort!
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Rural Well Being - Wales
Calling all people living in rural Wales, the Rural Well Being website is just for you. Providing in-depth information and services about health and well being, the site was originally launched in 2001 with the aim of ensuring people in rural Wales received maximum services from organizations and health services in their areas. The information provided to people have been authenticated by a number of reliable sources. However, if you have deep concerns about your health contact your general physician.
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Rational Recovery
Welcome to Rational Recovery your portal to life after addiction and to life after recovery including, FAQ's about the website why self recovery letters i want to help and general information.
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Psychoactive Drug Guide
The Psychoactive Drug Guide is a straightforward drug guide, with the aim of offering recovering addicts simple, concise and straight to the point information. The site offers in-depth information on effects of drugs, risks which include brain effect issues. The site neither condemns nor encourages the use of drugs, instead it provides individuals with a choice of learning and grasping real-life facts of drugs. The Psychoactive Drug Guide features extensive information on a variety of drugs, which include heroin, ecstasy, mushrooms, cocaine and cannabis.
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The Priory Group
The Priory Group was formed in 1980 and is a leading provider in Europe for mental health care. Treatment offered to each individual is tailor made to suit their requirements from mild depression, learning disabilities and long term care. The health care facility ensures its treatment stays relevant and appropriate with the aim of helping patients return to their communities or make suitable long term plans. Therapies offered by the Priory Group include psychology, psychiatry, speech therapy, language therapy, anger management and counseling.
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Stanton Peele
The Stanton Peele Addiction website operated by Stanton is the work of over four decades in which he remarkably predicts the trend of addicts. The focus of the site is to offer insight information on how addicts make it to the point of addiction. What Stanton says is that alcohol and drugs does not make a person an addict, instead his innermost and intimate issues drags himher to this place. Stanton is an expert psychologist offering individuals rare insight and hope in an addict's world!
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Pcp Luton
Welcome to Perry Claymans Project-Luton Residential day care centre offering clients the prospect of a genuine future after addiction including, including treatments getting started secondary care family intervention and about us.
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Perry Clayman Rehab
The Perry Clayman Project is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program which incoporates absitence methods to treat addiction. The program is made up of a 12 step structure and has four stages of treatment. Each structure is tailor made to suit the patient which begins at assessment and detoxification. The project is in residential form where patients receive high quality freedom, support and privacy on the road to recovery and sober living. The initial detox takes up to ten days, after which the theraputic process begins.
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Open Road
Your journey to living free from drug and alcohol addiction with Open Road. The aim of Open Road is to empower the individual, family and the community in the wake of recovery and sober living. The facility is based in Essex and works with individuals and families in both Essex and Norfolk, by sustaining as you leave the road of destruction behind, and make your way toward a more fulfilling life. The facility has dedicated its services for the last two decades to help individuals recover from the harmful effects of addiction.
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Northlands Centre
The Northlands Treatment Centre was established over three decades ago, and became Ireland's first community based treatment centre to help individuals with alcohol issues. Since inception, the facility has offered its services to people suffering from drug addiction, gambling issues and other addictive behavior. The treatment provided by Northlands has developed with time, whilst the ethos and principles have remained effective and timeless. The aim of the facility is to ensure treatment is based on care, instead of just cure and support and guidance remain reaLISTic and steady.
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NECA Services
NECA Services is one of the largest registered charities that promotes educational resources on the misues of drugs and alcohol. Based in Newcastle, the organization is focused on promoting the prevention of drugs, alcohol and gambling, whilst ensuring individuals and families recognize that treatment whether theraputic or otherwise is essential. The NECA provides a comprehensive assessment and care plan which spreads over 6 weeks, that monitor the goal and progress of the person recovering from addiction.
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Monadith Centre
The Monadith Centre helps individuals to quit smoking and helps them alleviate pain and allergy. The centre has opened up a chain of other clinics throughout Poland, where the centre has been using bioresonance therapy since 1994. The facility uses precise technology, including physical therapy and electromagnetic energy waves to help individuals overcome their addictive behavior.
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The Good Drug Guide
The Good Drug Guide features a wealth of information on Modafinil. The guide offers in-depth information on the usage, dosage, what it is used to treat and so much more! In fact, Modafinil is now used as a lifestyle drug where its benefits include treatment of narcolepsy, sleepiness, depression, attention deficit, sleep apnea and Alzhemer's disease.
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Marijuana Addiction - Help
Marijuana Addiction is a self help website featuring the harmful effects and dangers of drugs. The site offers in-depth information on marijuana effects, detox and treatment. For individuals looking for help or families looking to commit their loved ones, the site provides links to alcohol and drug information as well as treatment centers. Receive help today, simply call the number on the website now!
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Meth Awareness & Prevention
The Meth Awareness & Prevention program is ideally suited to individuals and families coping with drug addiction. The project is done in collaboration with Prairie View Prevention Services and aims to increase awareness of meth, its use and the problems associated with it. The program is provided free to educational institutions, workplaces, community and regional groups and organizations. Offered at no cost to citizens in South Dakota, the program is bound to help individuals and families struggling with addiction get a step closer to a solution!
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Mapp Sd
Welcome to Mappsd-The Meth Awareness and prevention project of South Dekota including, about mappsd what is meth the effects of meth and about us.
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Life Or Meth
What is the cost of Life or Meth is something families struggling with addiction must seriously think about. The site offers a wealth of information on the overview of the drug, effects and dangers of meth, resources required to learn more about the dangers and finally, taking that ultimate step needed to get help for drug addiction. Life or Meth is an educational program aimed at individuals attempting to cope with their addiction or on the road to recovery. Learn as much as possible with insight details into the use and problems resulting in meth usage.
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Alcoholism And Drugs
Alcoholism and Drug Dependence is a program run by the Long Island Council, with the aim of providing resources and vital services to people struggling with drug and alcohol issues and addiction. The program and services offered to individuals and families trying to cope with addiction is immense and vital, ensuring the road to recovery is made a little softer with intense attention, care and deep friendship. The site is filled with information on substance abuse and how to prevent drug misuse through educational resources and training.
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Quit Smoking & Grow
Think positively, quit smoking with Quit Smoking and Grow! The site contains a combined experience of over a century when it comes to bringing the community to help you develop your inner self. The aim of the program is to help individuals believe they are unique and that unique needs can be satisfied through positive realms, where substance abuse has no place. Additionally, the site provides resources and links to personal development growth vetted by growth professionals. Browse through the products and features which have been designed specifically with uniqueness in mind!
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Innovation With Substance
Innovation with Substance is a free drug awareness program, with the aim of providing help and services to the public and private sector on topics like substance misuse and educating folks on drugs through training. Enhance your knowledge on the dangers and harmful effects of drug misuse through this program. The social enterprise was founded in 2007, and is based in Hampshire where the team strongly believes that their passion, skills and abilities are put to good use by providing support, care and quality service to substance users.
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Health & Safety
The Health & Safety website focuses on the misuse of alcohol and drugs. The site is divided into alcohol at work and drugs at work. The aim of HSE is to educate the public, individuals suffering from addiction and families in the midst of supporting their loved one on the road to recovery that alcohol and drugs do indeed damage, destruct and destroy. And the only way out of this destructive journey is to rehabilitate oneself. The site is filled with useful resources, statistics and articles on the subject.
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Recovery Assistant Program
Launched in 2002, the Recovery Assistant Program in collaboration with Hired Power provides the link between treatment for substance abuse and recovery. The program is one of the long standing transition services to substance abusers and is popular both locally and internationally for its high quality service, anonymity and discretion. The aim of the program is to help individuals and families maintain recovery during the transition period. The work done by Hired Power has taken the expert team to hospitals, treatment centers, physicians and therapists.
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Students Gateway
Students Gateway is a site featuring a wealth of information on alcohol, drugs, smoking and other forms of addiction. For individuals and families making their way through recovery from harmful effects and dangers of addiction, the website is a balm to one's afflicted soul. The information offered is valuable, helpful and straightforward. Those browsing through the website will realize that there is only one way to safety, and that is through rehabilitation. The Student Gateway is ideally suited for students, but the resources contained on the site is suitable for anyone with issues related to substance abuse.
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Gay AA Meetings
Gay AA Meetings are for gay and lesbian individuals that require assistance in overcoming their addiction. AA Meetings are conducted in local communities where close and personal interaction takes place between the individual and those attending the meetings. There is a Gay AA Meeting held in almost every state throughout America, and those requiring assistance in substance abuse can browse through this website for more information on AA meetings and the 12 step program.
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Control Gambling
Alderney is the Gambling Control Commission established in 2000, with the aim of of maintaining integrity and authenticity in electronic gambling in Alderney! Ensuring Alderney is first and foremost protected, the control commission also makes certain electronic gambling is conducted justly, operations remain free of criminal involvement and there is constant regulation and monitoring in order to protect the interests of customers, including young players heavily involved in electronic gambling.
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People Against Coffee
Why are there People Against Coffee, the answer is simple because it contains hazards and dangers which are self inflicting. Make your lives healthier, and free from coffee. The only way to go about doing this is to simply ban the beverage. Answer the question about the number of coffee cups you consume per day, and see if you are indeed addicted to this beverage. Drinking coffee is not cool, however, you may differ otherwise. In fact, it is more unhealthy than you think. Cut your cravings now, only with People Against Coffee!
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Addiction Forum Matters
Addiction Forum Matters is a message board with the aim of helping those addicted to cannabis and marijuana come together and quit together! Members can discuss their addiction at length, including the effects of weed, withdrawal symptoms, dealing with anxiety and depression, mental health and dependence, tolerance and treatment. The forum is dedicated to supporting individuals, their families and any others, whether it is through rehabilitation or professional drug treatment.
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Alcohol & Drug Partnership
The Forth Valley Alcohol & Drug Partnership aims to educate the public on alcohol and drug misuse. The program takes responsibility in building an appropriate strategy for substance abuse. The strategy contains a wide range of treatment options that can be used for individuals struggling with addiction. Forth Valley aims to promote their strategy and treatment options in three authority areas, which include Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire. The program also takes into consideration the viewpoints expressed by family members, carers and service users when it comes to providing treatment options.
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Forest Online
Smoking in Public places. A total ban on smoking in enclosed public places, will come into force in England on the 1st july 2007.
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Food Addicts Anonymous
Welcome to Food Addicts Anonymous! Stop despairing over your obsession with food, and get down it to now with FAA. The site will help determine whether you have an obsession with food or not. Once the analysis has been made, the site will offer its tools of recovery to get you started on the path of recovery. The FAA store offers individuals and families struggling with food addiction numerous literature and other items to aid you in your recovery process. Just take it one day at a time, and Food Addicts Anonymous will be there to guide you every step of the way!
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Fast Drug Test
Fast Drug Test offers home drug tests, alcohol tests, drug testing kits, disease tests and survival kits. These kits are easy to use, accurate, fast and cost effective. Most importantly, the kits have been approved by the FDA. The drug test kit serves two purposes, if there is anyone under prescription, the drug kit will clear that person. Else, it allows parties under the law to perform drug tests on certain individuals. The alcohol test kit, on the other hand, is mainly used to test for alcohol usage in an individual.
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Ending Addiction
End addiction permanently, with Ending Addiction on drug and alcohol abuse. Get help now, simply fill out the form or call on the toll free number. Also, the site is filled with useful and helpful resources on drug and alcohol misuse, addiction, self help and treatment. For individuals and families struggling with the remnants of addiction, remember you are not alone. Speak to a counselor, get help either through professional drug or alcohol treatment or rehabilitation.
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Early Break
Early Break is a counselling service for young adults and families that are struggling with drug related issues on a daily basis. The aim of the center is to ensure young people stay off the path of destruction through drug usage and addiction. The center ensures families offer their kids the proper guidance and support needed to overcome addiction, by offering counselling services, featuring a wide array of informative articles on drug misuse and videos on how to get your life back on track! The center also features a variety of activities that young people can get involved in, including the Manchester Marathon 2012!
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Drugs War Facts
Get the facts from Drug War Facts! The mission of Drug War Facts is to provide reliable information, which include charts, facts and figures from peer reviewed journals, government sources and newspapers. The site offers informative and useful facts to help keep young people, adults and every else inbetween off the path of destruction and devastation generally caused by drug misuse. Drug War Facts is a self help book which features a massive collection of helpful information, ranging from the type of drugs to treatment.
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Drug Training 4 Free
Drug Training 4 Free is just what the title says it is, a free open source e-learning center in drug use and training. The drug training program is available to parents, employers, friends or simply someone that is worried a loved one is derailing through drug addiction. Training is aimed at bringing about compassion and understanding to help someone in their time of need, which is a crucial factor when recovering from the destruction of drugs. A free course which revolves around drug and alcohol awareness, Drug Training 4 Free is useful to anyone looking to support and guide!
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Drug Information Online
Drug Information Online offers useful and helpful information on the types of drugs, effects of drugs and the repercussions if you misuse any of these drugs. From heroin, LSD, magic mushrooms, methadone, ecstasy and nicotine, the site ensures its readers are well informed with accurate data and statistics to the destruction the misuse of drugs can lead to. The site features advice and training on drug addiction, drug effects and what to do in an emergency!
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Drug Scope
Drug Scope is filled with informative and useful facts on how pushers can result in vulnerable individuals getting hooked onto drugs. Pushers are those that tempts the non-drug individual to using drugs, initially by offering free samples. It is a known fact that non-users begin to experiment with drugs through intimate contacts, which include friends, family and close acquaintances. The site has collaborated with policy makers, partners and projects and various campaigns to protect the young and vulnerable from pushers roaming in society!
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Addictions Awareness
The aim of Addiction Awareness is to increase the awareness in the community on the dangers of addiction, provide support, guidance and strategy to reduce addiction in young and vulnerable people. The site features the latest news and updates, which include meetings taking place, where and when and activities being held in different counties. Addiction Awareness mainly functions on providing a wealth of resources to individuals, families and others either struggling with drug misuse, or for someone desiring to learn more about the destruction of addiction!
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Drug Info Adf
Welcome to the Drug Info ADF-Amphetamines what are they, what are there effects of amphetamines including, tolerance and dependence withdrawl treatment options, reducing the risks alcohol-drugs info support and links.
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Healthy People
Build strong communities with Healthy People! The website contains a wealth of information on drug facts, drug usage and misuse. Drug Facts is done in collaboration with the Australian Drug Foundation, with the aim of providing communities information on alcohol and drugs, its related harmful effects and dangers. Filled with in-depth resources on alcohol and drugs, combined with information given on drug seminars, treatment and training, the site is your #1 destination to understand the harmful effects caused by alcohol and drugs.
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Drug Free
Join together in the partnership at Drug Free which provides users with the latest news and updates on drug facts and misuse. Subscribe to Drug Free and receive vital information and news on substance abuse straight into your inbox. The aim of the program is to bring alcohol and drug prevention research and treatment options and programs to communities throughout the country. Browse through the wide array of topics related to substance abuse including, mental health, prescription drugs and tobacco.
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Drug Addiction Rehab
Drug Addiction Rehab connects people with folks that can help! The site features a wide range of resources and information for all types of substance abuse. Individuals and families can contact Drug Addiction Rehab directly to find an ideal treatment option or center for their loved one. Additionally, the site contains in-depth information on facts on drugs, drugs misuse, the dangers involved in abusing substance and much more. Sign up for the newsletter and receive up to date information on drug addiction and trends to your inbox!
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Rowson Family Page
The Rowson Family Page is dedicated to providing up to date resources and information drug awareness and education. The site features a wealth of information on drug facts and substance abuse. This is an ideal site for individuals and families looking to learn more about the harmful effects and dangers of drug misuse, presented in a personal and easy to understand form. Readers can browse through the range of drug topics including, crack, nicotine, cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis.
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Student D-Stress
D-Stress is a website dedicated to student mental health, and provides advice and guidance to students in Leicestershire, Rutland and Leicester. The site features a wealth of information for students looking to learn more about substance abuse and wanting to help a friend in need. Also, if you feel that you fit the bill, D-Stress is right here to lend a helping hand. Check out the chat room and join in the discussion with other students and like minded folks, looking to obtain answers whilst searching for resources related to substance abuse.
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Welcome to D-Stress We offer a range of information including about us helping a friend is this you what is mental health site map and want to know more.
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Drug Information
Drug Information contains in-depth resources related to drug testing, drug abuse and drug addiction. Covering a range of topics related to substance abuse and addiction, the aim of the site is to provide viewers with a comprehensive LISTing of how chemical related substance can result in harmful effects and dangers. The site features links and resources for parents with kids addicted to substances, treatment options and centers, types of drugs and its effects and law experiences related to drug use.
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Center For Drug Research
The Center for Drug Research has provided drug related information in several major languages. The website features many publications related to this topic, which include drug policy, drug use careers, the history of drugs and the politics surrounding it. Viewers can direct their questions on drug facts, its use and misuse to the contact address given on the website. Additionally, the site provides a range of articles on drug facts and information!
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Criminal Justice Training
The Institute for Addiction and Criminal Studies offers training in addiction and criminal justice to licensed professionals dealing with substance abuse, counsellors and alcohol and drug certified professionals. The aim of the institute is to help this group of people to stay ahead in their field of study and training, by providing the required hours these individuals require to obtain certification and related credentials. The Institute works with the best trainers in the country and provides its clients with up to date knowledge.
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Drug & Alcohol Team
The Drug & Alcohol Action Team of Cambridgeshire is a multi-agency partnership, with the aim of implementing the national drug strategy. The team commissions agencies to help provide treatment and prevention measures for clients living in Cambridgeshire. The team has put forward its three main strategies to be implemented in the next two years, which include delivering new approaches, preventing harm to families, children and young individuals and protecting communities by educating the public on drug facts and information.
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Cal Rehab Guide
International Rehabs. International Drug and Alcohol Rehab facility.
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Anonymous One
Anonymous One is your #1 source to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Experience a recovery like no other at the annual freedom festival. Established in 1998, the site has reached the far corners of the globe gathering more than hundreds of thousands of readers in over 100 countries coming together for one cause, to remove the harmful effects and dangers of substance abuse. Individuals and families can find sober clubs, events, conferences, central offices, daily meditations, recovery books on Anonymous One!
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Always 24-7
Always 24-7 lives up to its name. The site is available around the clock for young people, families and parents looking to access vital information on social and moral issues. The site features a range of information on substance abuse, drug facts, drug misuse and the harmful effects resulting from it. The main feature of 24-7 is the Parenting Forum available non-stop for parents to come together and discuss sensitive topics!
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Alcohol Support
Welcome to Alcohol Support. We offer help advice and support for alcoholism including, about us support groups news oppertunaties health and leisure social club.
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Addiction Helpline
The Alcohol & Drug Abuse program provides individuals and families with an addiction and detox helpline, which is available around the clock! If you have any questions related to alcohol and drug recovery, the helpline will connect you with an experienced counselor. Additionally, the program LISTs recovery support groups in every state throughout America. The groups include spiritual and religious groups, non-spiritual and non-religious and other alcohol and drug treatment centers. If you or someone you care about has problems with alcohol and drugs, just call the helpline!
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Addiction Science Network
The Addiction Science Network aims to provide extensive information to viewers on the distinct difference between hard and soft drugs. The line between hard and soft is often blurred by government and politicians. The Science Network aims to change the perspective of the minds of users that soft drugs are indeed quite different to hard drugs, and the repercussions also vary. The reason why the website lays emphasis on soft drugs being different, is that people may use these drugs without realizing that it can lead to the use of hard drugs, thus, resulting in addiction!
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Addiction Recovery Institute
The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery provides unrivaled healthcare everyday. Considered one of the most authentic and progressive treatment centers in the US, the Institute provides a range of programs that help individuals recover from substance abuse, food, gambling, sex addiction, video game, chronic pain and compulsive shopping. A quintessential residential program in Illinois, the Institute is known to offer unmatched treatment options and after care for patients in their long road to recovery!
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Addiction Advisor Directory
Addiction Advisor is an online directory, and the only one currently in the United Kingdom focused on giving qualified advice to people. Call the helpline LISTed on the website, let it be your first step to recovery from substance abuse. Discover the treatment options on Addiction Advisors directory, from residential detox, emotional and psychological support combined with individual aftercare. Find a treatment center throughout the United Kingdom only on Addiction Advisors!
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Psychology Institute
The Psychology Institute was founded in 1998 by John Crimmins, with the aim of providing accredited counseling and psychotherapy, psychology and addiction studies in degree programs. The aim of the Psychology Institute is to ensure its degree studies centers on a humanistic view. The courses offered by the institute ensure respect and dignity are maintained between client and counselor at all times. Register for degree programs that are not only educational, but also challenging yet enjoyable!
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Study Of Addiction
The Society for the Study of Addiction is the platform for professionals to come together, share their knowledge and experience in the field of substance abuse. The aim of the society is to enhance the skills and knowledge by facilitating the work of the members. Join with the Society and participate in their exciting work. Based in Leeds, England the Society for the Study of Addition is a registered charity.
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Addiction Help Line
Speak to an alcohol and drug speciaLIST or expert on the Addiction Help Line and find a treatment center that is appropriate for your condition. The aim of Addiction Help Line is to ensure you find the right level of care and treatment options for substance abuse. Watch your life change for the better right before your eyes, through a drug rehab program. The site will navigate through hundreds of rehab programs and treatment centers before finding the appropriate one that will suit you the best! Call the help line or simply drop an email giving your contact details, and an expert or counselor will get in touch with you immediately.
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Addiction Facts
The Addiction Facts website features just what the name says, the site contains hundreds of facts, information, resources and news on alcohol and drug addiction. For individuals and families looking for help, just drop an email to the site and have one of their experts contact you directly. Launched in 2004, the aim of Addiction is to educate the public on harmful effects and dangers caused by substance abuse. The site features an extensive collection of news articles on addiction from around the globe!
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Alcohol & Other Drugs
The Alcohol & Other Drug Council is an Australian based program representing the interest of alcohol and other drugs, providing a platform for people involved in helping reduce harmful effects caused by addiction and educating individuals, families and the community as a whole on approaches taken to prevent alcohol and drug abuse. Become a member of the program and receive the latest news and updates on alcohol and drug information needs.
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Drugs Basic Facts
Basic Facts about Drugs provides extensive information on the types of drugs out there, how it is used, how it affects you, long term effects and short term effects, the impact of drugs on the mind and body, how certain drugs can be used for medicinal purposes, the dangers of drugs and teens and the harmful effects of drugs. Each topic on the site is described in a detailed manner, thereby, allowing individuals struggling with substance abuse to come to terms with the harm being caused to their entire being. The aim of Drug Basic Facts is to ensure individuals and families are well informed of the dangers of all drug types!
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Alcoholics Anonymous UK
Alcoholics Anonymous UK aims to offer assistance to those with problems with alcohol on their long road to recovery. The program maintains utmost confidentiality and ensures assistance is provided in privacy. However, with those willing to share their stories to bring hope and inspiration to others, you can submit your personal story to AA-UK. Individuals and families can receive advice from experts and counselors online, which makes it an easier mode of effective communication. You can give it up - this is a guarantee from AA-UK!
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Utopian Pharmacology
Utopian Pharmacology features in-depth information on the ecstasy drug, which include a brief history, the ecstasy experience, neurotoxicity, neuroprotection and mental health effects. The aim of Utopian Pharmacology is to present ecstasy more as a medicinal drug, instead of an all weekend club drug. An overdose of ecstasy will eventually lead to numerous mental and health problems. However, the site maintains that an appropriate dose of ecstasy for medicinal purposes is suitable according to the particular circumstance!
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