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Workaholics Anonymous
Workaholics Anonymous is a fellowship that welcomes people from all walks of life and background to share their problems and difficulties regarding their workaholism. The aim of the organization is to help individuals that have a desire to work compulsively. Workaholism is a problem that is not widely discussed in society, and as a result individuals that are workaholics continue to suffer and bring down their families with them. Workaholism affects the entire family. Sign up for the free email newsletter from Workaholics Anonymous and receive the latest news and updates of the organization directly into your inbox.
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Workaholics International
The Workaholics International Network is presented by Mr. Manley, where he presents a wide array of helpful and useful resources to individuals suffering from workaholism. Mr. Manley also operated a free website where he fields letters to Dear Dr. Workaholic. Individuals interested in Mr. Manley's energetic and positive approach to recovering from workaholism, can become a lifetime member of his association and regularly receive news, updates and assistance related to their problem with being a workaholic. Check out Workaholics International for more in-depth details and information on Mr. Manley's work.
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Recovering Workaholics
Change your life with Recovering Workaholics, achieve success combined with happiness and fulfillment. The aim of Recovering Workaholics is to create a life a life that is more fulfilling that just work. Calling all successful business people that may be suffering from workaholism, change your attitude and learn to love the life you live. Let it not just be only about work, let it include happiness, fun and enjoyment with families and friends. Complete the questionnaire LISTed on the website to see if you are a workaholic. Also, sign up for the free newsletter on the homepage and receive the latest news and updates every month from Recovering Workaholics.
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Positive Under Pressure
Positive Under Pressure are a collection of interactive workshops which help individuals understand the early signs of workaholism and overload of work at their offices and businesses. Join one of the helpful workshop courses to help develop and implement appropriate self protective behavior. You will learn to think positively and the workshop will help you with relaxation and meditation techniques. Positive Under Pressure is aimed at individuals looking to recover from their workaholism and lead a successful, happy and fulfilling life both at home and at their workplace!
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Esr Council
The Economic and Social Research Council is a British foundation and one of the largest in the UK that funds research on economic and social issues. The organization supports high quality research done independently in both the business and public sectors. Over 4,000 post graduate students and researchers are supported by the organization at any given time. The research projects funded under ESR include individual projects, ventures and a wide array of programs.
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