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Internet Abuse Treatment
Manage your internet and technology addiction through Internet Abuse Treatment program. Virtual addiciton can make a person less productive as it eats into their quality time at work and in the home. You can become addicted to digital media devices, and in order to take a step away from the world of fantasy and get back into reality, the Internet Abuse Treatment program is suitable for anyone that thinks they themselevs or a loved one is struggling with internet and techonology addiction.
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Internet Addiction Disorder
Internet Addiction Disorder written by Jennifer Ferris at Virginia Tech concentrates on internet addiction, causes, symptoms and consequences. The site gives an overall description of the meaning of internet addiction, next it defines these two significant words, thirdly it goes onto describe how a person's behavior can change at home and socially because of their addiction to the internet. Lastly, Jennifer dwells on how internet addiction can be prevented. This briefly but well documented paper cites every little detail there is to know about how and why a person becomes addicted to the internet.
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Passionate About Technology
Passionate about Technology is filled with the latest news and updates from the world of digital technology. Check out informative articles on managing your WiFi, free internet games you've never seen before, Linus essential collection, Hacks essential collection and much more. Also LISTed is in-depth information on how to install and implement programs, languages and so on. Passionate about Technology is for the ultimate internet dedicated fans worldwide to have insight access what is going on, on the internet!
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The Center
The Center, a place of hope, help and healing for those struggling with eating disorders. Overcome the pain of the past, post-traumatic stress, anger, depression, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, marital problems and spirit burnout at the Center with its unique and specialized treatment programs. Helping people recover from all forms of addiction for the last three decades, the Center is a place of hope where patients from all over the country and abroad can visit the faiclity and receive the type of help they need surrounded by peace and tranquilty combined with expert staff.
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Net Addiction
Welcome to IAT The Centre for Internet Addiction Recovery-Would you like to take the test including, about us articles downloads features and useful information.
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Internet Addiction Support Group
The Internet Addiction Support Group is dedicated to helping people fight their addiction to the internet. Founded in 2004, the group provides a safety net for those looking to mingle and share with other folk facing similar problems with internet addiction. Engage in discussion, share your thoughts and feelings and concerns for each other along with building new friendships, offering guidance, validation and support. The aim of the group is to bring healing by sharing one's difficulties of recovering from internet addiction.
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