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Volatile Substance Misuse
Volatile Substance Misuse is a widespread problem in the United Kingdom, which Re Solv is attempting at curtailing. The program lends a helping hand to individuals struggling with substance abuse and for families with loved ones with substance addiction problems. Re Solv was launched in 1985, and is a leading agency in the United Kingdom to effectively ending volatile substance misuse throughout the country affecting youth and adults.
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Inhalant Abuse Information
Inhalant Abuse Information contains a range of up to date data and statistics on inhalants. The information included on the site types of inhalants, about sniffing, huffing and snorting inhalants and where you can find them. The website cites horrifying statistics of inhalants being found in locker rooms at schools, which should immediately put parents on their guard in knowing that their kids are influenced by other children and peer groups when it comes to substance abuse.
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Inhalants Drug Treatment
Inhalants Drug Treatment website provides in-depth information on inhalants, the abuse surrounding it and treatment options available. The site promotes Spencer Recovery Center which specially focuses on children that may have access to inhalants, whether in school or around the home. The center has been providing treatment to adolescents for substance abuse problems. Launched 12 years ago, the center has become a leading facility for effectively treating the mind and body of young people with its continually evolving methodologies. The treatment center is fully equipped with knowledgeable and expert staff that are medical and psychological personnel that will address each individual's needs and wants from the facility, and provide a tailor made treatment plan for each person. Pick up the toll free phone and call right now, if you feel like you need help!
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Inhalant Prevention Coalition
Inhalant Prevention Coalition is aimed at parents and guardians by the Inhalant Prevention Coalition in New England. The training and information cited on the site are effective in its ensuring parents and guardians are well aware of substance abuse going on in schools and even secretly in homes. Youngsters and adolescents especially are most affected by inhalant abuse, as a variety of items can be used as inhalants,s tarting from the glue stick your child uses in his or her art and creative project. Parents and guardians take note that your kids are in imminent danger, unless you become better informed and educated on inhalant abuse surrounding your children.
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Strike Out Inhalant
Strike Out Inhalants is an inhalant abuse prevention program which was launched in 2002, with the aim of educating parents and guardians and keeping them well abreast of inhalant abuse concerning young children and adolescents. The site provides extensive information on abusable products that can be used as inhalants, warning signs, dangers and side effects of misuse and slang terms used for inhalants. The site cites that nearly 1,400 products can be used as inhalants which are generally laying around the house, like felt tip markers, paint and glue, cooking spray and gasoline propane.
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