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Thames Valley Police
Thames Valley Police offers the public insight on how the police map out their community and go about ensuring crime, terrorism and anti social behavior are cut out from society. There is a new community messaging system in place, which allows friend,s neighbors and colleagues to receive crime alerts by voice, text or email. Find the latest happenings in your local area by entering your postcode in the neighborhood search. The aim of Thames Valley Police is to make the community safer by working partnership with people!
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Royal Society For Prevention Of Accidents
The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents aims to save lives and reduce injuries. A registered charity in the heart of the United Kingdom, the society has worked across the globe for almost a century. The society provides data and statistics on the number of accidents taking place each year, the millions of injuries caused, the suffering victims and how this affects loved ones and employers. The Royal Society promotes safety and prevention on the road, at work and during leisure times. Interested individuals can attend trainings conducted by the Royal Society and join in the current campaigns promoting safety from accidents.
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Re-Solv aims at improving and understanding volatile substance misuse, how to prevent it and providing public with the awareness of solvent abuse. Solvent abuse is considered a serious problem in the United Kingdom, and takes place unknowingly to parents and guardians across schools and in homes. Re-Solv was founded in 1985 and has since become a premier agency in standing up for volatile substance misuse, how to prevent it and provide support to those who are affected by it. Support the cause, receive training and browse through the excellent resources available on Re-Solv regarding this surmounting problem of solvent abuse across the country!
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Health Hazard Assessment
The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment is on a mission to protect and enhance the health of the public and environment by risks posed using hazardous substances. The site is filled with extensive resources on air pollution and children's health, physician information on pesticides, toxic air contaminants, toxicity criteria database and much more. The office aims at creating public awareness on hazardous substances, providing free training and more!
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The Northlands Independent Treatment Center was established three decades ago, and is the first small unit in Ireland to take on individuals with alcohol abuse and mental health problems. The center has opened its doors to families and the community with loved ones struggling with substance issues and mental health problems which provide care and support, whilst providing reaLISTic treatment and recovery for addiction. Interested people can register with the site in order to keep up to date with the latest news and happenings, whilst those that require help in regard to substance abuse can contact Northlands directly.
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Mental Health Foundation
The Mental Health Foundation is a leading mental health service in the United Kingdom focused on research and policy services. The aim of the foundation is to reduce the suffering caused by mental health to the individual and their families. The foundation works with people below the poverty line and those with learning disabilities. Also, the program ensures the people in Wales are given priority when it comes to promoting the mental well being of everyone. The foundation works in collaboration with other mental health organizations, in order to create a positive difference in people's lives! The Mental Health Foundation for the last six decades has given hope to people and the community across the country suffering from mental health problems and issues on a daily basis.
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Ka Na Chi Hih
Ka Na Chi Hih is a specialized solvent abuse treatment center which is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The center serves youths from the ages of 16 to 25 in Canada. A residential facility, the center takes on a hoLISTic approach which combines both traditional and contemporary treatment methods. Ka Na Chi Hih keeps with its sacred teachings when it comes to providing treatment, and ensures a supportive and nurturing environment to youths embarking on their journey in order to gain healing, wellness of heat, body, mind and spirit.
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Inhalants Abuse
The Inhalant Abuse Information website cites a wealth of information on the inhalants used in society today. Inhalants are especially dangerous to children and young adults as it can be commonly found in their schools and homes. Inhalant abuse means sniffing poison which in turn can poison your heart and kill you. The information provided on this website is garnered towards parents and guardians to pay attention to their children and their activities. Kids maybe hooked on to inhalants without any knowledge of their parents. This is a growing substance abuse problem in the world today, which needs to be stopped as soon as possible by educating the public, community and families!
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Solvent Abuse-Initiation and frequency of use. A very comprehensive and useful website.
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The Hurt Family Genealogy
The Hurt Family Genealogy is to bring together people with the Hurt surname. The site was launched in 1999, with the aim of getting the Hurt family members together and posts extensive information of individuals with the Hurt surname. You can send your branch of the family tree if you have the Hurt surname, in order to help the genealogy site complete its work of getting together one big happy family!
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Health Promotion Agency
The Health Promotion Agency promotes the areas of public health and health promotion. The information cited on the website is useful for students, professionals and members of the public! The website features the latest news on health and the health sector as well as provides publications which are related to health concerns and health safety. For those interested in finding out more about the history of the Health Promotion Agency, click on the links supplied on the website including the legacy of the HPA, international links and contact details just to name a few.
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Gulf Coast Recovery
Gulf Coast Recovery is a safe haven for recording drug and alcohol addicts, looking to make a break in their old lifecycle and embark on a brand new journey. The treatment center offers individualized drug treatment options tailor made to suit each person. The center is set amidst a relaxing environment and comes equipped with an expert staff that provide on-site care and after care to meet the needs of substance users, however severe the problem may be. If you think you are a hopeless addict, or you may know someone that feels desolate and hopeless look no further than the Golf Coast Recovery to start a fresh journey, free from substance abuse in order to lead a healthy and productive life!
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Drug Free Council
The National Council against Drug Abuse is a vibrant and innovative organization that is dedicated to providing anti drug strategies and programs at a national level. Established in 1995, the council focuses on setting up strategies to fight drug abuse. The council focuses on bringing the story of preventive education as its critical pillar when educating the public, individuals and families struggling against substance abuse. The council strongly believes that the community has a role to play in the life of a recovering addict, when it comes to after care and supporting such an individual throughout the long journey, every step of the way.
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Volunteering Made Easy
If you want to volunteer, check out Volunteering Made Easy! Search through the one million opportunities available for volunteering and begin your volunteering career. Do It is a UK based volunteering website, which helps individuals find a volunteering job within minutes. The opportunities for volunteering mostly come from volunteer centers throughout the United Kingdom, which in turn enables individuals in the local community and around the country lend a helping hand! Join Do It today, and gain volunteering experience with opportunities across the country.
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Wood End Playspace
Wood End Playspace is committed to educate and warn parents about glue sniffing and solvent abuse which happens amongst young teens and school children. Solvent abuse is highly dangerous which can lead to one's death. Parents and guardians are encouraged to keep a tighter check on their children, as glue sniffing can come about using a range of seemingly harmless products which can be found in school or even your home. The site was launched in 2002, and LISTs a number to contact in case of requiring support in the recovery of solvent abuse.
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Child Line
Child Line is a confidential service for children and young people. The aims of Child Line is to offer help to the young and adolescent if problems in your life or around you are getting you down. The website covers popular topics amongst young people including bullying, self harm, relationships and sex and sexual health. The program guarantees confidentiality and will cover your tracks in order to keep your visit private. A London based charity organization, Child Line helps innumerable amount of young kids across the country in their day to day problems and other serious issues.
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Be Cool Be Safe
You don't have to sniff glue to be considered cool, this is the message from be Cool Be Safe! The aim of the site is to educate young people about the dangers and harms of glue sniffing and ensure they become responsible citizens. A range of subjects are covered on the site, including safety in the home, solvent abuse, bullying, hoax calls and road safety. The project run by Be Safe Be Cool has partnered senior schools and has these schools incorporate the safety quiz into their national curriculum. The program aims to target every school in the national level to incorporate the safety quiz into their timetable on an annual basis.
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Bristol Drugs Project
The Bristol Drugs Project is all about tackling the problem of drugs in Bristol. The project is able to help over three thousand people recover from the harmful effects and hazard of drug indulgence each year. The project will help individuals in any way they wish, whether it is to reduce the risk and temptation involved in drug use, controlling the use of drugs or quitting completely. For carers with loved ones that have drug problems it can be a lonely place to be in, this is another area where the drugs project steps in by offering free confidential advice and assistance which is knowledgeable, assuring and useful!
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Ask The Police
Ask the Police, is a frequently asked questions database and an official police resource website which aims to reduce the number of emergency phone calls put through to the police force. The public can access the extensive database in order to receive required answers to a range of problems. All you have to do is to enter your town or area of region OR simply click the map to select the area you reside in. The organization provides customized answers to the public. Users of the website can select their choice of police force!
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