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Stop Gambling
If you or someone you love has a gambling problem, get help now! The self help system described on Stop Gambling will provide the help you need to get back on the right track. You have come to the right place, you need not look any further as the site has provided extensive information on how to protect yourself from gambling, especially in the workplace. The self help system is otherwise called 21 Steps to Stop Gambling! Take the self assessment quiz and begin your journey towards quitting gambling today!
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Want To Stop Gambling
If you are looking for free advice on how to stop gambling, check out the Want to Stop Gambling website. The website was launched to tell a personal story of a one time gambling addict simply wanting to help others just like himself. Check out his personal story and be inspired knowing that you can get out of destructive behavior through help programs, educational resources and treatment centers. Learn to channel positive areas in your life that does not lead to gambling. The free guide provides a comprehensive LIST of the many ways one can quit gambling before it is too late!
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The Good Gambling Guide
The Good Gambling Guide is a professional gambling guide on how to become a successful casino player. The guide only imparts that which is good and in moderation to any player that wants to climb the ladder of success in the world of casino gambling. The site is filled with informative resources which are bound to be helpful for not only novice players starting out, but also for seasoned professionals looking to access insight information on how they can take their game into the next level. The Good Gambling Guide promotes responsible gambling for all!
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The Gambling Clinic
The Gambling Clinic is dedicated to people struggling due to gambling addiction. The University of Memphis provides a center for self change and the outpatient services are affordable and is available to anyone from the Mid-South. The center so far has assisted hundreds of individuals struggling with gambling addiction since its first launch in 1997. The work done at the clinic is based on comprehensive research and is ideally suited to individuals and families thrust in the throes of gambling. If you need to have a confidential talk with someone about your gambling problem, The Gambling Clinic is the place to be at!
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Tatts Group
Tatts Group promotes responsible gambling for gamblers residing in Australia. It is vital to understand that not everyone who loves to place a bet off and on become addicted to gambling. Quite the contrary, which is what the Tatts Group is all about. The site features news and articles on how to gamble responsibly and covers topics like what if I love to bet and typical problems gamblers face. Also, the site LISTs resources on support groups and counseling for gambling addicts.
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Stress Cure
Stress Cure features ways of curing your stress without having to manage it. The site provides alternative methods like 14 days stress cure on how to relieve your stress at work, emotions and relationships and health. Receive a free report from the website and discover the best ways to make your life stress free. Contact Dr. Mort Oman or simply visit his Wellness Center and gain access to his personal reviews and recommendations on how to live a stress free life!
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Strong Families
The Kansas Department for Children and Families focus on promoting healthy families whilst encouraging personal responsibility. This site's main concern is child or adult abuse and neglect. The main program runs several programs in parallel including child support services, economic and employment services, prevention and protection services and rehabilitation services. The quick hotline numbers are LISTed on the site. Also, families can apply for services on Strong Families anytime!
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Sounds Positive
Sounds Positive concentrates on cognitive hypnotherapy by Lysette Offley. Sounds Positive offers a wide array of approaches to help individuals solve their problems and achieve their goals in the process. The conditions treated by Lysette include, confidence, self esteem and public speaking, phobias, compulsive disorders, weight loss, insomnia and depression, anxiety, stress disorders, bullying and unwanted habits. Contact Lysette if you decide cognitive hypnotherapy is best for you. You can easily and effortlessly start living again!
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Reason Foundation
The Reason Foundation is all about free minds and the free market. The site brings the latest news around the world straight into your inbox. Subscribe to Reason and receive news as and when it happens. Whether it is reviews on the presidential debates or the limits of wind power, the Reason Foundation is online 24 hours of the day to bring the best of the news world. Check out the latest topics and keep abreast with what is going on in the world!
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Problem Gambling
The Problem Gambling website is for those with gambling issues and addiction. Gambling is an addiction that many do not pay attention to, but as other addictions it too can take over one's life and destroy it in the process. Problem Gambling brings resources for individuals with addiction to gambling like personal stories, self assessment, facts on gambling, publications and surveys. The site is dedicated to the folk down in the Central Coast of New South Wales, featuring informative and helpful resources, referrals and information on gambling addiction.
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Perry Clayman Project
The Perry Clayman Project is a drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation program in the United Kingdom. There are confidential speciaLISTs available around the clock, waiting to speak to any individual or families struggling amidst the turmoil of drug and alcohol abuse. The cost is affordable and there is no waiting LIST, which lets anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol immediately receive treatment at Perry Clayman. The project was collaborated with the mission of treating drug and alcohol abusers and is delivered through a 12 step abstinence based program.
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Patient Co UK
Patient Co UK provides trusted medical information. The site page focuses on gambling addiction providing sources of information and support in the UK. Some of the resource sites LISTed include, Gamblers Anonymous, Gam Care, Gordon Moody Association and the non-UK sites include, Patient Plus, Medline and Evidence based Medicine. Additionally, Patients Co UK features discussion forums and other related resources for those looking to access harmful effects and hazardous lifestyle of gambling.
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Out Law
Out Law provides legal news and guidance. An international law firm the site features free guides, articles and news stories related to law and order including taxation and defamation and contracts and agreements. You can sign up to receive the newsletter and more information on Out Law. The weekly round up on the website contains 12 stories which are short and regular. Check out the legal information by topic or by sector.
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NCP Gambling
The National Council on Problem Gambling is to increase awareness amongst the public to ensure widespread treatment options are available for gambling addicts and their families. Also, the NCP encourages research programs that focus on education and prevention. Check out the quick guide for users which includes sections on information, referral resources, state by state help, self assessment tools, FAQ, treatment centers and directory of counsellors. Additionally, the public awareness section contains education tools, literature prevention, press releases and stories on gambling and recovery.
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Welcome to the National Council of Problem Gambling-Our work in program. The public education sub commitee aims to create public awareness of problem gambling, and the community help services available.
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Methodist Church Britain
The Methodist Church in Britain supports both small and big projects across the country. One such project called Shackles Off is to help make a change in the lives of young people in Cumbria. Another project operated by the Methodist Church includes rural mission work, inter-faith relations and focusing on public issues like climate change. Keep in touch with the latest news an updates by signing up for the newsletter and receive project news directly into your inbox. The aim of these projects run by the Methodist Church is to provide support to communities worldwide, working together with partner churches to bring hope and healing!
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Life Works Community
Life Works is dedicated to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, depression and eating disorders. Life Works offers free treatment for veterans, comprehensive long term residential treatment which is delivered by detoxification speciaLISTs in a serene and tranquil environment. The center also provides short term treatment and the highest quality care as well as a range of day care services. All treatment options are decided upon personal recovery challenges and are tailor made to suit individual requirements.
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Ks Problem Gambling
Kansas Coalition on Problem Gambling-The warning signs our problem gambling helpline including help for gamblers help for families and friends.
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I Want To Stop Gambling
I Want to Stop Gambling is as simple as it comes. The title itself says it all. Gambling has become an addiction that has destroyed many a lives and families in this world, and it continues to claw its way into people's lives as a result of responsible gambling not being promoted by many casinos, both online and land based. This site is focused on offering advice and help without the anxiety of meeting people you may know. The online guide walks gamblers through basic steps to help them kick the habit. A forum is provided to those that prefer to engage in discussion, receive help and offer advice with folk in similar situations.
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Invitation Health Institute
The Invitation Health Institute is a community based health ecucation awareness program that provides a new way of thinking. The mission of the program is to create sustainable programs that help communities create a healthier environment for people to live, work, learn, love and play. The Invitation Health Institute parteners with communities to create policies that have been proven succesful in order to meet the unique requirements your community needs and serve it.
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Insovency Helpline
Welcome to the UK Insolvency Helpline A free independent and inpartial debt advice service including Gambling Support Information Centre-Gambling Debt in the UK.
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Gordon Moody Association
The Gordon Moody Association provides education, advice and therapy to those with gambling problems through several of its programs including, residential, outreach and online services. The residential program is unique and intensive and is mainly for those residing in the United Kingdom. The support provided is ongoing and hoLISTic which enables those addicted to gambling to make a lasting change in their lives and get back on track from their previous destructive lifestyle. Gordon Moody was established in 1971 and has over four decades of specializing in treatment and support for gambling addicts.
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GamCare is out there to provide support and advice for those struggling in the clutches of gambling addiction. Talk live on GamCare to a trained advisor that can offer information, advice and emotional support. The helpline is available seven days a week and trained advisors are on standby between 8AM until midnight. Check out the forum and chat room where the message board is a suitable platform to engage in discussion, ask questions and offer advice.
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Gambling Watch
Welcome to Gambling Watch. The signs of gambling addiction including articles-Online Gambling Advice, gambling addictions statistics, the signs of gambling addiction, gambling help resources legal and partners.
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Gambling Therapy
Welcome to Gambling Therapy helpline counselling group therapy forum including, support group problems registeration active topics and membership.
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Gambling Therapy
Gambling Therapy is a free online service offered to those struggling with gambling addiction. The online guide contains extensive information, skills and experience in helping those affected by gambling and residing outside of the United Kingdom. If you know of someone affected by compulsive gambling, or if you have a gambling problem support groups have been designed to help people how to cope and recover from this destructive behavior. For those requiring a one to one approach, there is email counseling available and whatever approach you deem fit according to your requirements, Gambling Therapy is out there to lend a helping hand.
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Gambling Helpline
Gambling Helpline is a free helpline in New Zealand where counselors are on standby to talk to you anytime absolutely free. You can also contact the helpline by texting them on the number LISTed on the website. Clients will receive personalized advice and information from expert counselors, although clients may choose to remain anonymous if they wish to. Connect on the forum with similar folk and those affected by gambling addiction for emotional support, advice and knowledge.
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Compulsive Gambling
The Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling is a non-profit organization that provides support and services to gambling addicts and their families. Also offered are educational programs, prevention programs, resource referrals, research and training for mental health experts, medical practitioners, academia, government businesses, law enforcement authorities, gambling operators and faith based organizations. A 24 hour confidential helpline is LISTed on the website and can be used by problem gambling individuals and families anytime
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Gambling Facts And Fiction
Gambling Facts and Fiction is an anti gambling handbook which is to get individuals to quit gambling and never start again. The site provides helpful links for individuals and families struggling amidst problem gambling including, Gamblers Anonymous, Gambling Recovery Counseling programs and religious programs all in the hope of providing information and resources to problem gambling addicts everywhere, that there is hope amidst the destructive behavior and a bright light at the end of the tunnel.
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Gambling Control Commission
The Gambling Control Commission in Alderney was established in 2000. It is independent, non-profit and and provides regulation on behalf of Alderney states in the country. The mission of Alderney is to maintain the integrity of electronic gambling in the Alderney gambling industry. The objectives are fair and clear at the Gambling Control Commission which includes, is that all electronic gambling is conducted justly and fairly and electronic gambling is regulated in order to protect the vulnerable and young.
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The Gambling Commission
The Gambling Commission aims to keep gambling fair and safe for all. The commission was set up in order to regulate gambling in Great Britain under the 2005 Gambling Act. An independent public body, the commission provides the latest news and updates on what is happening in the gambling world. Also LISTed on the website is a section dedicated to personal e-services, lottery submissions and licensing authorities. Additionally, users can check out information on publications, licensing and enforcement and research and consultation.
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Gambling Addiction
Gambling Addiction website encourages individuals to get into the world of casino gambling, but refrains them from becoming gambling addicts. The site features a wealth of information on how to be a responsible gambler. The site is filled with a wide array of articles dedicated to gambling, casino games, addiction programs, treatment centers and how to use casino sites that are safe and secure. Choose a casino that will provide relaxation and enjoyment and experience an incredible casino journey, whilst safeguarding one's integrity at the same time.
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Euro Debt
Euro Debt was established in 1996, a debt management company specializing in debt management to help hundreds of thousands of people in debt. Inquire about debt management from Euro Debt and a debt speciaLIST will call you back with an immediate response. Also LISTed on the website is debt management news, debt test, consumer alerts and useful information. There is a 24 hour hotline which is called the debt helpline for individuals and families struggling with debt to contact and receive support and services to solve money problems through Euro Debt.
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Debt Advice Online
Debt Advice Online works with you to reduce your debt. Take the debt test to find out if you qualify to receive help from Debt Advice Online. It is free and absolutely confidential. Debt Help allows individuals to pay lower monthly installments for credit card repayments, bank loans and other types of debts. The company takes away paper work and deals with your creditors on a daily basis in order to negotiate lowering interests on your loans and debts. The company deals with trust deeds, bankruptcy, mortgage loans and consolidation advice.
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Gambling Disorders Clinic
The Gambling Disorders Clinic offers treatment for people with gambling problems and addictions. Millions of people's lives are ruined on a daily basis because of gambling. If you or a loved one is in the clutches of gambling, now is the time to get out. The Gambling Disorders Clinic is at hand to provide the treatment you need. Call the number LISTed on the website for support and services. The website is dedicated to featuring educational and informative resources on problem gambling and provides information on how to receive treatment absolutely free. Take the self assessment test and determine if you have a severe gambling problem.
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Clear Start
Call Clear Start to receive dent management solutions for any financial crisis you may be in. Ensuring absolute confidence, there is help available around the clock as Clear Start has LISTed a helpline number which can be contacted by anyone, anytime. Clear Start takes on debt management problems of individuals and families and provides debt management plans, debt consolidation, credit card debt advice, insolvency advice and information on bankruptcy and how to avoid it.
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Problem Gambling Council
Connecticut Problem Gambling Council aims to reduce the prevelance and impact of pathalogical gambling that has afflicted individuals, families and the community. If you or someone you know borrows money to gamble or settle their gambling debts, it is a certainty that they have a problem with gambling. The site features a wealth of articles and resources on problem gambling and provides information on how to help individuals and families come out of this destructuve type of lifestyle. Call the helpline LISTed on the website for further help and informaiton.
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A Place Of Hope
A Place of Hope is a place for help and healing! For the last three decades, the center has worked with individuals from all across the world on a range of addictive issues and behavior like anger, depression, eating disorders, marital problems, drug and alcohol addiction, emotional and sexual abuse and spiritual burnout. Treatment is unique and specialized and caters to suit the requirements of each individual. Discover the freedom from addictive behavior and lifestyle and rebuild and reconnect in peace and contentment.
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1-800 Bets Off
Learn about gambling responsibility through the Iowa gambling treatment program. Call 1-800 Bets Off for not only people addicted to gambling, but also for their families and the community to understand better the the signs of gambling and the repercussions caused by it. If you or anyone you know has a problem with gambling, call the number LISTed on the website and you will be put in conact with an expert counselor immediately. Don't put your gambling problems on hold, there is help out there. Simply reach out for it!
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