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Regional Alcohol Program
The Washington Regional Alcohol Program is a public and private partnership working to eradicate underage drinking and prevent drunk driving in Washington. Become a part of this lifesaving work by browsing through the extensive amount of information LISTed on the site. The partnership has ensured that there are fewer drunk driving accidents and death related cases in the Washington area. A non-profit organization WARP was founded in 1982 and aims to educate the public on drunk driving and underage drinking through advocacy, public education and innovative health programs.
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West Glamorgan Council
The West Galmorgan Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse was founded in 1979, with the aim of treating alcohol and drug abuse that is inflicted on individuals and their families. The program has been providing a wide array of treatment interventions for the last three decades. The program also offers individuals affected by alcohol and drug abuse, opportunities to learn new skills, improve their self confidence and self esteem, provide support towards training, education, volunteering and employment opportunities through various projects. The program is backed up by an expert and experienced staff, dedicated and committed to the recovery of these individuals.
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The Welsh Council
The Welsh Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse promotes choice and responsible living. The council offers experience, strength and hope to individuals suffering from substance abuse issues and their families that have been inflicted with the burden of caring and bearing through times of crises. A registered charity, the Welsh Council was launched in 1968 and is supported by Churches, Denominations and individuals that have been faithful over the years, in order to carry out its responsibilities to the public on alcohol and drug abuse problems.
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Linwood Park
Linwood Park is a residential treatment facility for alcohol and drug abuse. The facility specializes in substance abuse providing top notch, cost effective treatment. The program is designed for individuals seeking treatment and recovery from alcohol and drug dependency issues. Clients are offered a residential stay away from the hustle, bustle and everyday pressures of life at Linwood Park, located in South Yorkshire. The detox program ensures positive and beneficial outcomes as its former patients will verify in a peaceful, private and supportive environment backed by an expert and clinical team.
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Teen Drug Abuse
The Teen Drug Abuse website focuses on teens and substance abuse in today's world. The site is a great resource section for parents, guardians and even teachers looking to help prevent their teenage kids and students from falling along the wayside and into the world of drug abuse. The site provides in-depth information, statistics and data dedicated to helping parents struggling with teenagers abusing alcohol and drugs. Additionally, the focus of the site also extends to educating the public on teen alcohol and drug abuse by providing content and articles related to the subject.
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Rehab Treatment
Is Alcohol Destroying Your Life Rehab Treatment UK will advise you of all the options available and assist with admission to the best Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program for you to get your life back on track. Our free confidential and professional help will ensure you choose the right Rehab Clinic to address both the physical withdrawal and psychological issues surrounding your addiction.
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Promis Rehab
Begin your alcohol and drug addiction treatment at one of the Promis Rehab Clinics. The rehab facility has over 25 years of experience in helping alcohol and drug abuse patients recover and begin leading healthy and successful lives. Whether the treatment is for you or for a family member, the Promis clinic ensures a peaceful and tranquil setting in order for you to recover through top notch medical attention and psychological care. Promis treats a range of addiction aside from alcohol and drugs, which include depression and eating disorders. Patients are provided with residential care, secondary care, after care, family programs and counseling interventions.
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Portman Group
The Portman Group is a premier drinks producer in the United Kingdom. Established in 1989 the sole aim of the Portman Group is to challenge drink producers to responsibly promote their products, in accordance with the Code of Practice when it comes to distributing alcoholic drinks. The advisory services of the group provides free, fast and efficient marketing advice to drinks producers. the group pioneers innovative solutions, initiatives and best practices as a challenge to companies promoting their alcoholic beverages. The Portman Group is the #1 source for consumers for sensible drinking advice!
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The Matthew Project
The Matthew Project is a drug and alcohol recovery program in Norfolk and Suffolk. The program provides drug and alcohol services for persons under the age of 18 across Norfolk. Some of the other useful services provided by the project include, counseling services, confidential support and practical advice to adult drinkers, carers and family, working with people involved with law, and those that have drug and alcohol issues, providing dynamic drug and alcohol related education and speciaLIST services to people under the age of 25 and much more!
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Mark Snape
The Mark Snape website is dedicated to individuals recording from alcohol abuse. Mark runs the website and offers in-depth information and advice to those recovering from alcoholism. There is a brief profile on Mark for those interested to know more about him, and the rest of the information provided are resources and links to websites each dealing with the topic of alcoholism. Some of the in-depth topics covered on Mark's website include drink driving, social drinker, eating disorder, drug rehabilitation, alcohol concern, withdrawals, panic anxiety and much more!
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Welcome to the Institute of Alcohol Studies including, alcohol related brain damage on the rise-About us alcohol alert and index of the issue articles resources and general information.
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Gear Projects
The Gear Projects is all about helping the homeless in Gloucestershire. Considered an emergency accommodation resource in Gloucestershire, the facility contains a day care for the homeless and vulnerably housed, a night shelter for single homeless men and women, health clinic, garden project and homeless outreach program. Sign up for the Gear Projects newsletter and receive the latest news and updates on their homeless programs directly into your inbox. You can also assist by becoming a volunteer or helping with fundraising.
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Fresh Knowlege
Fresh Knowledge provides the skills to lead a healthy and productive lifestyle. Fresh Knowledge offers workshops, presentations and policy development to the education and business sectors, offering support and advice on issues ranging from personal productivity, performance and well being. The approach taken by the program is to assess the needs of the clients and provide as necessary. The guidance given by the workshop include forestalling developing problems, identifying signs of abuse and taking the first steps towards prevention and control. The program works with schools and youth organizations to help make young people better equipped to function in today's society!
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The Use Of Alcohol
Healthy Drinking Provides a wealth of information on the use of alcohol and how individuals can keep their drinking habits under control. How much is too much is what the website depicts. Individuals who are occasional drinkers are provided with in-depth information on how drinking certain alcoholic drinks can keep heart attacks and pancreatic cancer at bay. However, Healthy Drinking also LISTs statistics on how excessive drinking can be harmful and hazardous to people.
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Drunk Driving Awareness
Drunk Driving features true life stories on drunk driving accidents. Whether it is your loved ones, family members or someone down the street drunk driving accidents befall millions of people every year. The goal of this website is for people to post any drunk diving accident stories that may be personal to them, in order for drunk divers and others abusing alcohol to understand the pain caused by lives lost to this harmful substance. Become a registered member and begin posting stories and photos of your personal drunk driving incident!
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Drinking Problems
Drinking Problems focus on individuals and families coping with drinking issues and how these issues can be harmful and hazardous to the person dabbling with alcohol and those around them. The goal of the site is to make alcohol abusers think before touching that drink. Millions of people have died from alcohol abuse and statistics show that drunk driving is the #1 killer the United States. Put an end to destruction and get your life bakc on track, there is help close at hand and there is hope at the end of the tunnel!
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Cut Down On Beer
Cut Down on Beer focuses on real life experience of what beer can do to an individual. People think beer is harmless and turn to beer as some form of water or cooling down drink. This leads to drinking too much beer which in turn can become hard core drinking and substance abuse. Whilst enjoying a chilled beer every once in a while brings no harm, not knowing when and how to stop is the start of a downward spiral for many. Stop drinking beer before it is too late! This site is all about helping people overcome their addiction to alcohol, which generally begins with a chilled bottle of beer!
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Alcohol Addiction
Alcohol Addiction features a wealth of information on how to overcome addiction to alcohol. The site provides extensive information and resources on alcohol and violence, alcohol impairment, alcohol abuse and alcohol and drug education. This is a suitable website for individuals and families suffering through the long hauls of alcohol and drug addiction, as the site provides relief and concern for those in similar situations on how to overcome substance abuse!
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Family Resource Institute
The Family Resource Institute is a non-profit organization that focuses on pre natal alcohol syndrome, its exposure and families dealing with this issue. The aim of the organization is to prevent future generations being exposed to alcohol abuse. The website aims to ensure that the sweet innocence of a child is not destroyed in its fetal stage, it is a defense for a beautiful and innocent life and to understand and assist those suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome.
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Fas Aware UK
Fas Aware UK is focused on preventing fetal alcohol syndrome. Alcohol in pregnancy can result in lifetime problems for your child, no matter the amount of alcohol maybe. Prevent harming your unborn baby and avoid destroying the innocence of the future generation through the help and assistance of Fas Aware UK. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a preventable tragedy and this website is aimed at women looking to conceive but may have problems with substance abuse. Remember, this is a 100% preventable issue, let Fas Aware help you stay away from alcohol!
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E-Health MD
E-health MD is a resource site focusing on health news and reviews from around the world. The site features polls, quizzes and news articles on health conditions like cancer, treatment options like chemo and issues related to health problems like drugs and alcohol. Check out the symptom finder where each health condition is LISTed and users can find out the symptoms that are common to these conditions. The symptom finder LISTs health conditions from A-Z.
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The Edge
The Edge West Berkshire's drug and alcohol service for young people. The team works with young people up to the age of 18, which also includes families and carers. The environment is friendly and comfortable which allows young people to feel safe and relaxed. Located in Newbury town centre, the Edge is akin to being on a summer holiday with access to television, radio and refreshments. Kids can enjoy being with the swans and ducks as well as meeting with friends and family for lunch outside the centre or simply sitting in the sunshine!
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Maryland DUI Lawyer
For individuals looking for a DUI lawyer in Maryland, look no further than Jack Hyatt! This is Jack's personal website LISTing his services for persons that require a lawyer in DUI cases in the state of Maryland. You will have an excellent opportunity to ensure your case gets dismissed, and avoid DUI criminal charges. Keep in mind that DUI charges usually results in you losing your drivers license and increase in multi-year insurance. All this can be avoided by simply contacting Jack Hyatt in Maryland!
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Drugs Online Information
Drug Online Information contains a wealth of information on drug and alcohol abuse. Some of the information LISTed on Drug Online include, alcohol, cannabis, legal highs, heroin, LSD, nicotine, solvents and steroids just to name a few. This is an educational site for both alcohol abusers, families and their carers to come and learn the harmful and hazardous effects that substance abuse brings into a person's life. Each LISTing is accompanied with information on how it is used, the law effects and risk reduction. There is also a brief description of the substance.
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Drink Aware
Welcome to Drink Aware-There are many types of medication that dont go with alcohol, inparticular antibiotics are used to treat infectious diseases.
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Drink Aware Facts
Drink Aware Facts features on substance abuse, including how much alcohol is too much, how alcohol affects your appearance and alcohol and your health. Filled with useful and helpful resources. Drink Aware Facts provides alcohol users and their families with educational material on how alcohol can contribute to long term and short term health issues. Browse through the site and request for the assistance necessary to do away with the destruction that is causing your life to fall apart, just because of one drink! There is hope amidst the darkness, and that is what Drink Aware Facts is all about!
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Drink And Drugs
Drink and Drugs is an internet platform for professionals in the substance misuse sector, including criminal justice and health and social care. Launched in 2004, the website strives to provide facts and information on the harmful and hazardous effects drinks and drugs, the serious health conditions that can arise from excessive drinking and the repercussions that befall substance abusers and their families. Drink and Drugs is aimed at substance abusers, their families and carers looking to find a way out of this destructive path!
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Down Your Drink
Down Your Drink asks the question, are you drinking too much! If the answer is yes, you must wonder how much is too much. Alcohol affects everyone differently, what one person can manage another cannot. The aim of Down Your Drink is to help you work out if in fact you down your drink too regularly, and how you can be helped out of this dark hole you've gotten yourself into. Make a big difference with a small change, and Down Your Drink will help you do just that!
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Welcome to Discriminations Binge drinking and Racial Stereotypes including Cogitations declarations contemplations, inspirations conversations ruminations.
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Drugs Action
Drugs Action was founded in 2002 and is a Shipston based organization to reduce drug related crimes and raise awareness on drug usage in the community. The organization started on its youth project in 2003 and since has collected more than 3,000 teenagers whilst providing advice to them on sensitive issues like sexual health, drug problems and career opportunities. The youth group has also been given activities to do around town like working with schools and local organizers.
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Connecticut Clearing House
The Connecticut Clearing House is a statewide library providing resources for wellness and recovery, as well as a wealth of information to individuals and families on the harmful effects of substance abuse. The program strives to promote treatment, recovery and wellness and dwell on topics like underage drinking, prescription drugs, HIVAIDS, violence prevention, parenting and alcohol problems. Material from the resource library are available to Connecticut families, students, teachers and children!
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College Drinking
College Drinking focuses on excessive drinking and how alcohol poisoning can be life threatening to every young person. It is hazardous to everyone if there is one person involved in excessive drinking, for instance during study and exam time no person wants to have to clean up vomit off the bedroom floor. The site also features other related topics on excessive drinking in college like parenting advice talk to your kids about alcohol and advice to college administrators and staff on how to handle sensitive topics such as these.
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Clean And Sober Not Dead
Clean and Sober Not Dead promoted clean, fun and an exciting lifestyle minus the alcohol. The site carries the important message that being clean and sober does not equal being dead. Many substance abusers find it trying to get out of their destructive lifestyle fearing that what is on the other side may not be as sweet and fulfilling as their experience with alcohol is. However, individuals that have come clean from alcohol abuse know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and being clean and sober is healthy and exciting than ever before!
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Cirque Lodge
The Cirque Lodge is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment centre, which is private and exclusive and an idyllic place for healing and recovery for those struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. It is a caring environment fully equipped with excellent staff that have expertise and experience in the field of addiction recovery and treatment. The Lodge offers personalized treatment, essential therapy and programs to suit the individual's requirement. The treatment program is a profoundly engaging experience!
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Cheers Book
Alcohol treatment-effects of alcohol dependency.
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Online Alcohol Therapy
Bright Eye Counseling provides online alcohol therapy for those struggling with alcoholism. If you are looking for therapy where you can't see your counselor face to face, you've come to the right place. Whether it is excessive drinking or binge drinking Bright Eye Counselling offers something for everyone including families and carers of substance abusers. It is effective and affordable and you are bound to see the results quickly. Simply fill in the free consultation form and you will receive a personal assessment, after which you can proceed to book a session of online therapy.
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Brent Centre
The Brent Centre for Young People extends support to young people dealing with mental and emotional difficulties. The services provided are free and is designed specifically for adolescents in order to help them lead healthy and happy lives. One form of therapy at Brent Centre is through sports like football coaching of your boys in ethnically mixed and socially disadvantaged part of London. Off your voluntary services to Brent Centre and see how you can help young people get their lives back on track!
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Be Responsible
Brad or Be Responsible About Drinking focuses on college students with excessive drinking problems, binge drinking and alcohol addiction. Brad is run by Bradley McCue's family who died on his 21st birthday after alcohol poisoning. The goal of Brad's site is to help prevent other students from going down the path of destruction. This site is ideal for parents with college kids that may have an inkling to alcohol. From parent to parent Brad aims to prevent other families from having to undergo the suffering of losing a child to alcohol.
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Addiction Research Group
Addiction Research Group for alcohol, drugs and gambling is part of the University of Birmingham. The aim of the research is to focus on the activity and consumption which is excessive form of drinking, and what steps to take to prevent harm caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling behavior. The research is carried out in the community and clinically and includes untreated heavy drinkers and how their families cope and what approaches they take to receive help for addictive behavior.
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Promis Rehab Clinic
The Promis Rehab Clinic is an effective treatment center that provides customized treatment solutions for individuals struggling with substance abuse problems. The treatment centre has provided services for the last 25 years and consistency and a strong reputation has kept patients coming through the door for decades. Promis has treated more than 5,000 patients up to date, and the purpose of the center is to heal the underlying issues that have lead you to take the destructive path of alcohol and drugs, which is intergal to treatment and recovery and a foundation for a healthier, happie and more fulfilling life!
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Beer Tarot
A Cult of a druken Prophet the cult, the deck prophets double vision top drunks the dangers of over consumption and our message dont drink and drive.
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Domestic Violence
Bedfordshire Domestic and Sexual Abuse partnership program together with the main statutory and volunteer agencies aim to provide services in relation to domestic violence and sexual abuse across Bedfordshire. The program provides campaign literature on domestic and sexual violence as a form of resources whether you are a female or male victim. The agency offers the same services to everyone along with a free hotline which can be contacted 24 hours of the day!
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Housing And Living
Find a way forward with Housing and Living for you to begin to live more independently. For those facing homelessness, all is not lost. There is hope at the end of the big, dark tunnel. A speciaLIST housing and social care provider offers people on the verge of homelessness and vulnerable circumstances help with right housing, work, health and learning opportunities. The service aims to find support in areas that many families find themselves struggling with including substance misuse. The program also works to ensure the protection and safety of children are an utmost priority in their work.
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At Bristol
At Bristol is an exciting interactive science center in the United Kingdom. A registered charity the leading science center combines both exploration and education as a fun and joyous activity amidst the learning. Individuals can become volunteers or assist through trusts and foundations. The aim of At Bristol is to put back the knowledge of science into the minds of not just kids but adults as well. Science is the foundation of this world, and At Bristol aims to ensure the world is fully aware of this fact!
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Alcohol Symptoms
Alcohol Symptoms contains in-depth resources on alcoholism, alcohol related symptoms and drug and alcohol treatment. The information LISTed on Alcohol Symptoms include health hazards, harmful effects and serious illnesses caused by excessive drinking. This is a suitable site for people and their families struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, to know what alcohol can do to one's mind and body and the destruction it can cause long-term.
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Alcohol Support
Alcohol Support lives up to its name by providing utmost support to those struggling with alcoholism and drug misuse. The site features extensive resources on how the health and well being of an alcohol abuser is greatly harmed. Alcohol Support provides a wide array of services not only to the individual drinker but to also their family and the community. The work provides revolves around raising awareness on alcohol abuse and working together to influence the national alcohol policy. Also, individuals can receive one to one counseling, advice and information, care planning, education and training and aftercare in the community!
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Alcoholism Treatment
Alcoholism Treatment focuses on help available for those struggling with alcohol addiction and problems related to alcoholism. The help provided is 100% confidential, and individuals and families seeking help are provided with free consultation and assessment. Simply fill out the form LISTed on the website and a speciaLIST will respond immediately to your request. Additionally, the site contains a wealth of resources on alcoholism, alcohol symptoms, harmful and serious health conditions caused by alcohol and treatment options available out there!
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Alcoholism About
Alcoholism About features comprehensive information on alcoholism, side effects of alcohol, harmful and serious hazards of substance abuse, revocery and treatment options available. The site provides information on how families can get help for this unnatural beast that is destructive and ruins the lives of everyone. Check out the resources and links on treatment centers, 12 step recovery, drunk driving, support for families and AAA prograns.
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Alcohol Related Information
Alcohol Related Information is an educational guide on alcoholism, and other topics related to alcohol. The site covers topics like effects of excessive drinking, alcohol recovery, teen alcohol abuse and binge drinking. For individuals and families looking for resources on alcohol abuse, recovery and treatment you've come to the right place. Additionally, the site provides information on treatment centers, recovery programs and how to get help to get your life back in order from the destructive path it has taken. You can also take the alcohol test and check your score to see if your within the range of being a substance abuser.
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Alcohol Information
Alcohol Information provides advice and speciaLIST information on alcoholism and substance abuse. The guide centers on substance abuse detox programs and how to survive alcohol detoxification. Also, life after alcohol detox is explained fully for individuals interested in attempting detox but wonder how after care and life back in the community will be like. There is also information on treatment and support, F&Q, alcohol statistics and detox guidelines for families and carers looking to access in-depth information in their struggle to cope with alcohol addiction problems.
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Alcohol Alert
Stop the madness with Alcohol Alert, the intervention at the point of consumption. The site brings drunk driving information to substance abusers, their families and carers on the risks of driving with over the limit alcohol consumption. The effects of alcohol intoxication far reaches simply doing harm to yourself. Drunk driving involves thousands of accidents each year, many of them revolving around innocent pedestrians and drivers being at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is an informative site for substance abusers to comprehend the hazard and dangers of drunk driving.
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Alcohol Stuff
Alcohol Stuff contains a wealth of information for those looking to access insight details on how alcohol abuse can cause serious health hazards to yourself, your family and the community. Explore the different types of alcohol, how long alcohol stays in your system and other candid information related to substance abuse. Also, on the other hand Alcohol Stuff focuses on how you can make alcohol an enjoyable drink without getting addicted to it. Check out the info on drinking games, drink recipes and entertainment related to social drinking!
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Alcohol Injection
Alcohol Injection features the best methanol injection out there. Called the Devils Own, it is the ultimate source for your methanol water injection system. Check out the complete accessory and parts at great prices. The engine is known to perform at the highest level possible. The injection comes with a pulse free pump, whilst the nozzle remains free of rust and dust. It is the most reliable and smallest controller out there in today's market. It ensures top notch performance and is the best alcohol injection for you!
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Alcohol Addiction Info
Alcohol Addiction Info contains a wealth of information about the hazards and harmful effects of alcohol abuse. Filled with a wide array of topics covering all aspects of substance abuse, some of the in-depth information LISTed on Alcohol Addiction include addiction self assessment tools, alcohol and driving, alcoholism videos, alcohol rehab, alcohol related deaths and signs of alcohol addiction. For individuals facing this struggle, their families and carers can visit this site to learn more about addiction to alcohol and what steps need to be taken to prevent further destruction.
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Alcoholism Abuse Hotline
The Alcoholism Abuse Hotline is a resource center that provides advice to individuals and families struggling with substance abuse problems. If you want to talk about it, call the number LISTed on the website. The center has a number of confidential adivosrs that will take on your problems whilst lending a LISTening ear and help you find a program that suits your requirements and budget. If your loved one is not interested in seeking help, the advisor will get you in touch with a professional in the area that can set up formal intervention.
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Alcohol Abuse Effects
Alcohol Abuse Effects is devastating. It leads to a destructive lifestyle not only for yourself but also for others. For instance, drunk driving is the #1 killer in America. Thousands of innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians are subjected to drunk driving accidents each year. If you are looking to find a way to get out of this destructive lifestyle, whether it is for yourself or loved Alcohol Abuse Effects features comprehensive information rehab, recovery and treatment options. Remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you just need the strength and courage it takes to take that first step and Alcohol Abuse Effects is that first step to the road of recovery!
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Alcohol New Zealand
The official site of Alcohol NewZeland is on a mission to change the drinking culture in the country. The site features tools and advice on ways you can change your consumption habits, if you need to support a colleage or friend that has a drinking problem and advice on how to monitor your drinking whether it is social drinking or otherwise. Take the test LISTed on Alcohol New Zeland to check whether you are within the normal range of drinking or whether you may actually have a problem. Additionally, the site contains information on legislation and policy, activities and services and research and resources.
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Alcohol Research UK
Alcohol Research UK is the only charity in the United Kingdom that is dedicated to funding work that involves excessive drinking, ways that drinking can be prevented and how to tackle problems surrounding substance abuse. Statistics show that 10 million adults in the UK drink over the limit. The Research program is focused on reducing alcohol related harm and ensures individuals, their families and the community are spared this form of destructive behavior by getting involved before it is too late!
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Family Drug Support
The Family Drug Support named Adfam is a local support network group in the United Kingdom. Families of drug users need support and services from those around them. This is where Adfam features in. Read how local support groups and families of drug users have helped each other through difficult times. The program features training course for those working with families in their quest to serve and support as well as booklets for families on good practices to have when dealing with a family member hooked onto drugs. Also, check out the events closest to your home like young people seminars and conferences for working through recovery.
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Overcome Alcoholism
If you are tired of your alcoholism and alcohol taking control of your life, you need to quit drinking now! The solution to substance abuse may seem like an uphill task at first, but with strength of family, support and treatment you can get there. Find information and gain instant access to resources on alcoholism, substance abuse, recovery and treatment options out there suitable just for you. This site aims to help individuals and families in the throes of substance abuse issues and provide ways to get out of this destructive path they have taken.
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Alcohol Drug Association NZ
The Alcohol Drug Association in New Zealand aims to improve the health and well being of New Zealanders. The association provides expert advice and help, support services and early intervention to the people of New Zealand. The association has a drug helpline and provides a wide array of services to individuals and families struggling with alcohol abuse problems. Sign up for the newsletter on ADANZ and receive news on policy, treatment and other elements related to alcohol abuse and recovery.
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All About Alcohol
All About Alcohol contains in-depth information on alcohol abuse that can save a life. The information LISTed are topics related to alcoholism and substance abuse. The aim of All About Alcohol is to inform people about the health hazards and other serious problems related to excessive drinking. The site discusses issues like binge drinking, drunk driving and dangerous patterns surrounding alcohol behavior. This site was created for individuals, their families or carers looking to access in-depth information on alcohol abuse. Learn how to get help - and save a life!
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Alcoholics Anonymous UK
Alcoholics Anonymous UK assists people with drinking problems and alcoholism with a range of services, including treatment and recovery options and care. Also, AA UK focuses on safe driving and promotes the destruction and devastation that can result by drunk driving. The association aims provide support to ensure you don not put yourself in harm's way. AA UK will lend a helping hand throughout the process as you recover from alcoholism, no matter how long the road to recovery is!
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Sense On Drink Driving
Sense on Drink Driving provides a personal view on drunk driving and how destructive it can be not only to the drunk driver, but to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians on the street. Sense on Drink Driving features a wealth of resources and links on the dangers of drink driving like, drink driving guidelines, high risk offenders, drink driving perspective and drink driving links just to name a few!
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Professional Hypnotherapy
Professional Hypnotherapy is operated by Andrew Austin and is based in West Sussex, England. Andrew has been teaching hypnotherapy since 1996 and is a registered nurse in one of the largest teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom. Andrew formed South Hants Hypnosis in 1994, where clients can seek help in diverse problems ranging from depression, weight loss, social phobia, smoking, drugs and alcohol, sexual dysfunction, anger problems, dental phobia and post traumatic stress disorder.
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12 Step Treatment Centres
12 Step Treatment Centers features a wealth of information on both residential treatment programs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The site features substance abuse centers for all forms of addition, as well as information on sober living home facilities and transitional houses. This is ideally suited for individuals and families looking to access treatment center options firsthand, whether it is luxury treatment centers or more affordable substance abuse programs. Subscribe to the 12 Step Treatment Centers site and receive the latest news and updates on drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs.
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Stop Drinking Alcohol
Stop Drinking Alcohol is dedicated to young people to stop abusing substances on their own. The site promotes individuals to stop drinking without the help of Alcoholics Anonymous and any other substance abuse programs out there. You have the power to stop drinking. The site is filled with informative articles and resources guiding young people on the art of quitting alcohol purely on their own. Also, there is an alcohol quiz, secrets of sobriety and staying sober all to help young people choked on on abusing alcohol, a way out of their destructive lifestyle!
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Rehab Today
Rehab Today focuses on crack cocaine which is a highly addictive substance. A popular substance which was made popular in the 80s, the effect usually lasts 15 minutes after which it leaves a person feeling low and depressed. Crack has become a highly addictive substance to many people and is a leading cause of destruction in their lives. If you have a problem with crack or know someone with this issue, contact the number LISTed on the website today! Rehab today guarantees easy, fast and confidential consultation.
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Help 2 Heal
Help 2 Heal focuses on providing a wealth of material on how to heal those that struggle with all forms of addiction. Whether it is weight loss, alcohol and drug abuse or simply some serious form of health hazard, Help 2 Heal is at the forefront through its extensive articles and news covering all topics related to addition and health hazards. This is a great site for individuals and families struggling with some form of addiction or serious health illness to access insight information on the particular issue.
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