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Terry Jones
The Terry Jones website is a personal story about Terry Jones on his discovery of avoidant personality disorder. This type of disorder makes you feel alone even in a crowd. This is a personality disorder and can be treated through therapy, counseling and even medication. For individuals suffering from a similar condition can seek help from local support groups, friends, family or request for professional health.
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Personality Disorder Information
Personality Disorder Information contains insight into what personality disorder is, types of personality disorders, Which personality fits you best, happiness in your power and the four temperaments. The site delves in deep into how personality disorders can keep you from living life to the fullest, and what can be done in such situations. Remember, happiness is in your hands, it is up to you to change it for the better!
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Personality Research
Personality Research contains great ideas in personality and focuses on what people tend to think, feel and behave and what tendencies cause such behavior. These are the questions addressed on Personality Research. The site deals with scientific research programs based on personality psychology. Also, links are provided to two related sites on personality disorders.
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Personality Disorder Program
Personality Disorder Program is here to tell you that personality disorders has become everybody's business. It is no longer a diagnosis of exclusion. It is becoming increasingly obvious that personality disorders are mental health issues that causes the individual problems as well as society. This site points out the types of personality disorders, the severity of it and how it can become dangerous to yourself and to society.
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Narcissistic Personality
This site contains information on narcissistic personality disorder that is to do with our biological makeup. The site was first launched in 2005 to make public the specific conditions of personality disorder, which has now expanded to the types of personality disorder like codependency, narcissistic and boderline personality disorder. The site links you to other useful and helpful resource websites relevant to this subject.
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Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials is a US government funded program, that offers insight into trail status of new trials, and is in relation to the US National Institute of Health. Information is updated regularly on new trial statistics and contact information for enrollment. For urgent operational inquiries, the agency will do its best to respond immediately.
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