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The Parkinsons Appeal
The Parkingson's Appeal focuses on parkinson's sufferers in Britain. Currently, there are 120,000 sufferers in the country. The disease does not awlays kill, but it kills the way one leads their life. The site is on sufferer Mo Rothman who was diagnosed with parkinson's disease in 2002 and has since with his wife advocated to help other sufferers in the country by raising puublic awareness and the Parkinson's Appeal to raise funds for further advancement of medication.
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Parkinson Society
Parkinson Society Ottawa is a registered Canadian charity, established in 1978. Its goal is to improve the quality of life of sufferers of parkinson disease, their families and carers. The Parkinson Society provides support and care, raising funds for research and programs. Other goals include advocating for innovative research, requesting for help through donations.
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Parkinsons Disease
Welcome to our Website. Want to know more about Parkinsons Disease including, symptoms tools for living with parkinsons disease and sources of information.
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Cure Parkinsons Trust
Cure Parkinson's Trust was founded by 4 people in 2005 with a specific aim to raise money to fund research into finding a cure for parkinson's disease. Through effective communication, a real sense of urgency, passion the trust has made a significant impact on already uncovered new treatment targets. All key players in the Parkinson community engage with the trust to make a real impact in the world.
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Parkinson Disease Association
The American Parkinson Disease Association, Massachussetts Chapter, aims to raise awareness of the disease, educate, provide support group assistance, program development, get involved in fundraising and community. The National Resource Center for Rehabilitation has been established by APDA with a toll free helpline number to speak with a licensed physician therapist.
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